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Harvest Time!

We have been studying the work of the French artist, Charles Angrand.


Charles Theophile Angrand was born in Normandy in France on 19th April 1854.

We researched the artist, his background and his techniques.  Charles Angrand liked to use a special style of painting called pointillism.


We then looked at the history of pointillism and studied some of Charles Angrand's paintings.


The paintings we studied are called 'The Harvest' and 'The Harvesters'.

We looked very carefully at the pieces of artwork above and then had a go in our Sketch Books.

We then considered the painting, 'The Harvest' and what harvest means to us.


From this discussion, we went on to create our own piece of harvest art, in the style of Charles Angrand.

Here are some of our individual creations:

We have also created a class painting, where we have all contributed to one huge piece of art!


We think it looks fabulous, we hope you do to.  It was a lot of hard work to complete and it took REAL teamwork to get it looking this AMAZING!

Happy Harvest Everyone!


Miss Moores, Mrs Hodgson and Mr Guy