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Welcome to Reception!

Mrs Broxson & Miss Renzulli


'Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.'

J. R. R. Tolkien


Keep looking at our website page for updates on what your child has been doing in Reception and information that you might find helpful to support your child in their learning.






Summer Term


As the sun is now shining and the weather getting warmer the children are enjoying playing outside, the children are able to go outside during dinner time and during continuous provisions as well as there being some lessons outside - PE and Commando Joe.


Particularly on the sunny days please remember the following guidelines:

Put sun cream on your child before they start school.

Send a cap or hat into school for your child to wear outside.

Send a water bottle in with your child so they can have extra fluids during the day.

Make sure your child's name is in their jumper as the classroom gets filled with 30 identical jumpers!

This week's Picnic!


As part of this week's learning the children are making a healthy picnic! Together they have discussed healthy foods and the children have been busy baking their own healthy snacks, not before making a list of ingredients for their healthy snacks - please have a look at the baking pictures below!

On Wednesday they will be having their own class picnic on the school grass, the children are going to share the snacks together and join in picnic games! We will put lots of photographs up to show you the fun they had on our class picnic

Picnic Baking

Look at the exciting things we have done during continuous provisions this week!


The boys have been busy working together to make their own car park!

Continuous provisions

This Week's Talking Challenge

w/b 19th June


We have been learning about our bodies this week and how to stay healthy and safe in the sun.


Could you ask your child some how and why questions about their bodies and staying safe in the sun for example: why do you need to wear sun cream? how can you stay cool in the hot weather? 


Remember to encourage  talk in a full sentence using the words 'and', 'but' and .because', for example, "I need to wear sun cream because your skin can burn and it is not good for you."

Holidays Talking Challenge

As your child's homework this week is based around their reading book this week's talking challenge will be based around books too.


Talk to your child about their favourite books and yours. Who are your favourite characters and why? What parts of the book do you like the best? 


Remember to talk in full sentences. Encourage your child to use 'and' 'but' and 'because' in their sentences. Use lots of describing words when you are talking.

E.g. My favourite book is Peter Rabbit because he is a naughty rabbit who runs into Mr McGregor's garden and gets into trouble. I like it when he eats all the spicy red radishes and juicy lettuces. 

Half Term Homework 

Each child has taken home a book review sheet. After you have read their reading book with them a few times then you can fill this in. 

Read the book review questions to your child and discuss how you would find the answers / what you think the answers are. E.g. find the title and your child might want to copy it. 

Encourage your child to write the answers independently, this means they are thinking of the sounds in the words by themselves. The children wont be able to spell every word and this is ok! 

Please bring all homework in on Monday! 

Have a lovely half term!


Homework 1


Reception have enjoyed making frozen fruit yoghurts this week in class. They ate them together the following morning!

Have a look at our pictures of the baking!

Play Club Bags 

Just a reminder to anyone who has forgot to bring their playclub bag back to school to do so please.

Play club bags are returned to school on Thursdays and go back out on a Friday. 

(Please note over half term please bring the play club bags back on Monday ready to swap.)



Playclub 1
Playclub 2
Playclub 3
Playclub 4

Happy Easter Reception Class!

Reception have had a fantastic Spring term, working really hard!

In preparation for the Easter holidays we have a very busy week lined up...

Monday reception have turned their photographs into Spring and Easter bunnies, have a look for these hanging in the classroom!

Tuesday is the Infant Palm Sunday Assembly which we have been learning songs for so please come along to watch us!

Wednesday is the Junior Assembly, lots of Reception are looking forward to seeing their brothers and sisters or friends perform, we are all very excited because the Juniors always put on a good assembly!

Thursday Reception will be baking Spring and Easter bunny cakes! We hope these will taste delicious!

Friday Reception will be participating in their last PE lesson of the spring term with Mr Cowling!


Picture 1

Every week we read 5 stories! This week we have been focusing on 'The Little Mermaid' by Hans Christian Anderson. 

Please look online for new stories to look at with your child. Try YouTube or follow the link:

What to expect in Reception Class


​Reading Books - Your child will bring home a reading book in reception. Please try to read with your child every night. They will keep their reading books for approximately 1 week so be prepared to read the same book several times. The children read at school at least once a week so please keep your child's reading book and reading record in their book bag.


​High Frequency / Tricky Words - Your child will bring home a list of words that they need to learn to recognise. These are the words that appear lots in the Oxford Tree Reading books or words that cannot be spelt phonetically. Please practice memorising these words with your child.


​Library - The children go to the infant library every Thursday with Mrs Potts, they independently choose a book to borrow, these are for enjoyment that you can read to your child at home or that they may want to look at independently. Please put the library books in your child's book bag every Thursday so your child can change it. Please note - You will incur a fee if you fail to return books or return them damaged.


​PE - PE is done with Mr Cowling on a Friday morning and during the week with Miss Rigby. All children need a PE kit - black pants/shorts, black pumps, white tee shirt at school. The children keep these on their pegs and they will bring them home in the holidays to be washed.

Reception have been learning lots of new skills in PE and practicing these until the children are really good! Have a look at our latest photos!

Collective worship Ash Wednesday

Collective worship Ash Wednesday  1
Collective worship Ash Wednesday  2



The children learn phonics to learn to read and write. Each week we learn three new sounds. The new sounds we have been learning this week are - 'e' and 'l'

​Please practice with your child, finding the initial sounds in words, especially with the new sounds they have been learning!

​Please use this link to help you practice sound pronunciation correctly at home with your child:

​Here is a picture to show you the order in which we will be learning single sounds.


Read Write Inc Sounds

Read Write Inc Sounds 1