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Weekly Certificate Award

Week ending 23rd June 2017

Kai McEvoy for his super work in all our PE sessions. Well done Kai!

Maja Sarnowska for being a good friend in Nursery. Good girl Maja!

Reception Nicola Pietrus for learning to read and write her tricky words. Well done Nicola!
Year 1 Alan Sutkowski for trying his hardest in school putting his hand up and answering questions
Year 2 Victoria Pietrus for trying extremely hard to solve her money problems
Year 3 Victoria Wojtowitz for being a super role model in Year 3. Well done!
Year 4

Julia Rostkowska for being such a fantastic reader and for always doing your best in class

Edgardis Kardis for always being interested in your book and for brilliant reading

Year 5

Sara Beta for being a perfect role model

Julia Plocica for always giving 100% in everything she does

Year 6 Aaminah Khan for her fantastic acting talents!
Mrs Robinson -