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Year 3

Friday 3rd April


Good morning Year 3.

Hope you enjoyed getting creative in the kitchen yesterday. Did you make crispy cakes, pancakes or something different?


 Also, well done for designing your healthy meals too! I'm looking forward to reading your suggestions for my healthy meal. What did I do well with? What did I need to include?


To continue this theme, for your english task today I'd like you to complete one of the following 2dos: Design a leaflet showing how to make the perfect pancake or How to make Crispy Cakes text.



Choose an appropriate title.

Begin with an introduction to what your making.

Order events in time order.

Remember to use time conjunctions.

Use a good choice of 'bossy' verbs.

Try to persuade the reader to make your choice, with some good word choices. Make your food sound delicious!

Finally, don't forget your punctuation!


If you get stuck, look back at the sequencing activity from yesterday.this will help you with your order and word choices.



Have a go at the spelling quiz again for your spelling group. This is set on purple mash as a 2do. Have you improved your score fron the start of the week? 

Maths - 

Have a go at completing the time games on:



24 hour time

Adding time word problems




telling the time activity


Or you can have a go at all 3! 



Your afternoon / weekend task is to watch the Palm Sunday story on the following link :


Then complete the Palm Sunday 2do, for / on Monday.


It is Palm Sunday this weekend. A very special time in the catholic calendar. Can you tell me why? What do we remember on Palm Sunday? Your 'talk homework' this weekend is to speak to other family members about Palm Sunday. If you have a bible at home, see if you can look up Palm Sunday in the New Testament. Read it together and say a little prayer to God, thanking him for sending Jesus to earth to save us from our sins. Pray to God asking him to look after us all at this difficult time.

Have a safe and blessed weekend.

Take care.


Miss Moores


PALM Sunday Art / Craft

PALM Sunday Art / Craft 1 TASK: Draw / make a large palm branch for Sunday

Thursday 2nd April 

Good morning Year 3.

Please start your day with our school prayer. Try to remember all 4 prayers today and pray the Our Father at bed time too πŸ™


Today's tasks: 


Spend 10 minutes exploring spelling shed. 

Can you beat your score from the start of the week?


Pancake / Crispy cake sequencing 2do activity on purple mash. Chose either the Pancake or Crispy cake activity or you can do both if you like! 


Yesterday I said your task would be to get creative in the kitchen. If you can, you could follow up this activity with actually making one of the above. If you haven't got these ingredients, don't worry. Help mum / dad to make a sandwich / lunch. Think about the sequence of events and the words you could use to order events in time order.


Tomorrow we will be writing about this.




Well done for all your hard work on time this week. Today we will re-focus on our timetables, as we usually have our speed times table test on a Thursday in school. 

Write today's date in your blue book. Fill in the time you have started the activity on the anologue clock in your book. Write a sentence to say whether it is am or pm.

Now, practise your current speed times tables and fact families. E.g. If you are on x3 practise multiplication and division facts for all your x3's.


Finally, spend 15 minutes on ttrockstars. Remember the battle is boys vs girls.. let's see who's going to win! 🀷‍β™‚οΈπŸ€·‍♀️

Afternoon task -

Can you design a healthy meal? 

I've set this as a 2do, so you can get creative on the computer!

REMEMBER - you should have all the food groups. Think creatively how you could achieve this and don't forget your  5 a day fruit / veg. 


You could perhaps then continue with your creativity and show your parents your healthy meal design. Maybe suggest you have a go at helping to prepare tea tonight? 

Healthy Meal

I've been getting creative too! 

Can you tell me what food groups I have in my healthy meal? What would you suggest to complete my meal so that I have all the food groups needed? 


Write your suggestions in your blue book. Also tell me about your healthy meal. List the foods under the following groups:



Fruit and vegetables 





Wednesday 1st April


Good morning Year 3!

Hope you all enjoyed your tasks yesterday, especially having a go at the Gymnastics lesson at home! 🀸‍β™‚οΈπŸ€Έ‍♀️ 

Well done to the following children for completing BOTH spelling tasks and getting 100% on both tasks! 😁






superstars! πŸ’―


I'll double check the scores again tonight to see if anyone else has completed both. Some of you got 100% on the one set of spellings I set, so well done to you too! 


Oscar, James, Ethan, Oliver, Annabelle, Loula-Belle, Bartosz, and Wahona! 


Keep up the good work!πŸ˜‡



EVERYONE - Complete the Time conversion 2do set. Remember the rhyme that starts '30 days hath September...' this will help you alot in completing this task. 


SQUARES AND RECTANGLES - Time 2do - write the times the clocks are showing.


HEXAGONS, PENTAGONS AND OCTAGONS - Time 2do- matching 12 and 24hour times and reading Roman numeral analogue clocks.



English - Complete the Pancake day comprehension from your pack. We have completed this as a class in school, but today have a go at completing it independently, remembering to write full sentence answers.

REMEMBER date and title and your joined up handwriting.


*for TOMORROW ask your parents if they have ingredients in to get creative in the kitchen... you will have a choice between pancakes and crispy cakes to have a go at (if you can)* those who cant don't worry- you can be creative with what ever ingredients you have in 🍞🍫


SCIENCE - complete the food groups 2do 

Remembering the main food groups from our science lessons.


FINALLY, Complete the 5 a day activity. Persuade people to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Let me know what your favourite is in your comment box πŸ‰πŸŠπŸ‹πŸ…πŸ₯•

Tuesday 31st March


Good morning Year 3!

Well done for completing all your 2 dos so far, I've been enjoying marking them and looking at the scores you've achieved in the quiz's.


I can't believe it is Tuesday again already!

Can you start your day with some Gymnastics, as we would in school?

Take off your shoes, find a safe space and start with some stretches.


Make yourself as small as a seed, then as tall as a tree - stretching out, using all your muscles. 

Can you touch your toes? Then reach for the sky?


After your stretches see if you can remember the game we played in school. Play with a member of your family, explain the rules to your parents so that you can have a little go together.


Remember the instructions: PLAY, PAUSE, REWIND, FASTFORWARD AND EJECT.



The objectives for our gym lesson this term was to be able to  perform a controlled jump with good landing. Remember 1:1, 1:2, 2:1, 2:2 and 1to another.


Can you create a sequence of 5 controlled jumps? Practise this for 10 minutes, gaining control and ensuring a smooth landing. Remember your finishing position. 🧍‍β™€οΈπŸ§‍β™‚οΈπŸ€·‍β™€οΈπŸ€·‍♂️



Don't forget to finish with your stretches! 


English task-

Today I've set you a 2do for this week's spellings. These are not the ones in your pack.

I've set a quiz for my group and a quiz for Miss Hopkinson's group. You can complete both if you like! Tomorrow I will set more tasks from these words so make sure you practise today! 😁


Make sure you also read your book for 15 minutes today. You should hopefully be close to finishing one of your reading books by now. If not, catch up with your reading today so that one of your books are finished. 


Maths task-

Once again, I've set you a 2do today. This time it's to know the difference between AM and PM.

Read the clues carefully and have a go at the quiz! Good luck!


I'm looking forward to seeing your scores! 😁


Finally, finish your day with a prayer. 


God Bless


Miss Moores

Monday 30th March



Please start your day with your prayers. Thanking God for keeping us safe over the weekend πŸ™ and asking him to keep us safe and well this week.


English task

Log into 'spelling shed' with your log on details that are in your reading record book.

Have a go at stage 1/ 2 words game. CHALLENGE: can you get 10/10 - extreme level is your target, but begin with 'hard'.

Esio trot group - begin with 'easy' then try 'medium' level. 


These words are also in your folders as key words to practise and make sure you are spelling  correctly  in your sentences.


Now, choose 5 of the more difficult words to write sentences for, under today's date in your blue books.


Task 2: Positive feelings.

At this time we must focus on positive feelings. Have a go at the 2do set for you. Matching feelings to images.


Maths task


Complete the anologue clock, with the time you have started today's work. Write the time in a digital time too. Writing a sentence: Today, I've started my maths task at ....e.g. 10.30am.


Now, tell me about your day yesterday. 

E.g. I got up at 9am

I had breakfast at 9:30am

I watched mass on you tube at 10:30 am.

We said our prayers for 10 minutes.

I had lunch at 12:30 am 


After writing these statements, can you tell me about how long your activities lasted?

E.g. I had breakfast at 9:30 until 10am. This took me half an hour.


Have a go at writing 5 statements about your day! Impress me with what you know about time! 


Finally, complete the 'time' 2do on purple mash.


Have a good day Year 3



Finish your day with a Hail Mary. 

God bless,  


Miss Moores




Friday 27th March


Good morning Year 3.

Friday would usually be celebration assembly, so today my certificate goes to... ALL of YOU!! 😊

Well done Year 3! I'm very proud of the effort you are putting into your work! Keep it up!


English tasks: 

Let's get a bit of normality and start with a spelling test! Have one last look at your spellings for this week. I hope you have managed to 'look, cover, say, write as often as you can this week.

Now, can you ask someone in your house to test you on 6 of them. 2 from each spelling rule.


Record your test and your score under today's date in your blue book.


Next task - what did you find out from your Continents of the world comprehension yesterday? Choose one continent to write about. Think about the big write we did on Tabago, can you present your information in a similar way? Include information about climate, population and location. *remember lots of your information will be in your comprehension text* #magpie


Maths task: firstly, can you start with 15 minutes on ttrockstars? Compete in the battle boys v's girls.

Next, look at the work you have done this week on multiplication. Using the 100 square you have been working from, choose one more timetable to colour in the multiples of. E.g. squares may choose x10,  Hexagons may choose x 6.

When you have completed this, look at your 100 square and write some true or false statements to test your family members on. 

E.g. 60 is a multiple of 6 and 5. True or false?

Make sure you can prove your answers by evidencing with the correct number sentences.


E.g. 60 is a multiple of 6 and 5

This is true because 6×10=60 and 5 x 12=60


Have a go at 5 of these, not forgetting your reasoning!


Have a fun morning!

God bless,

Miss Moores 

Good afternoon Year 3. Hope you are all well.

Your task this afternoon is to get active!

If you can, go into your back garden and bounce a ball, skip, jog on the spot or if your garden is big enough get creative and make up a 'sports day'type relay. If not, look back at Tuesday's link and have a go at today's PE lesson with Joe. 


Take care, God bless and don't forget your daily prayers. 



MIss Moores

Thursday 26th March


Good morning Year 3. 

Please start the morning with your school prayer. 


English task 

Practise your spellings set for this week. 

Are there any words you don't know then meaning of? 

Use a dictionary or google dictionary to look up the meaning of the words you don't understand. Write out the meaning clearly in your blue books, under today's date. 

Next, read the Continents of the World comprehension text in your pack. 

Answer the comprehension questions in full sentences in your blue books.


Maths task


Practise your 4 times tables, using your known facts of the 2 timestables to help.


*remember you have a multiplication square to help if you are struggling*


Write out related facts  

E g  2x3=6 4x3=12


Hexagons and Octagons - can you extend this to x8?


Now, colour in your 2 times tables on your 100 square. Circle the numbers that are in the 4 x tables. 


Can you identify the numbers that are in the 2's 4's and 5's? Here's one to get you started: 20.


4×5= 20



Finally, log onto tt rockstars. Compete in the battle boys vs girls for 15 minutes.


Stay safe. Remember 'hands and face'.


Miss Moores πŸ™‹‍♀️





Prayer of Thanks

Prayer of Thanks 1
Have a go at drawing a tree or other form of nature we want to say thank you to God for. Write a prayer to say thank you after your have done this. πŸ™



At 11am today (Wednesday) The Pope is asking for everyone to Pray the Our Father. Please join in and ask your family members to do so too. 

The power of prayer is a wonderful thing πŸ™


Wednesday 25th March


Good morning Year 3! Hope you managed to complete all yesterday's tasks. Keep your art work safe in your folders, to share on our return to school.


Yesterday we started with PE (as we have PE on a Tuesday in school) so today, we will start with Science (as we usually have our Science lesson on a Wednesday in school) 😁


So, our first task today is to log onto purple mash and complete the science 2dos. Remember your purple mash log in information is stuck into your reading record book. 


The first task is to label parts of the human body, completing the game. Then, see what you can remember about the human skeleton. Can you create an information text about the skeleton? There are some key vocabulary words on there to help you. The final, fun task, is to draw yourself! πŸ™‹‍β™‚οΈπŸ™‹‍♀️ 

*If you can't get onto purple mash today have a go at the tasks described above in your blue writing book.



Maths Task


Continue the work your started yesterday and Monday, on multiplication facts, sequences and using the greater than and less than symbols (<>), this time with your 3 times tables.


On the same 100 square as yesterday, can you colour in all the answers to your 3 times tables. Which numbers are in both the 3 and 5 times? 


Write today's date  on the next clean page in your recording book. Record the time you started this activity on the analogue clock and write a sentence to tell me this using digital time. 


Now, can you write the fact families for the numbers that are in both the 3 and 5 times tables. E.g. 3x5=15 5×3=15 15/3=5 15/5=3


After this, can you write out a sequence of multiples of 3 from 3-100? How many are there?


Finally, using the greater than and less than symbols (<>), write 5 facts from today's work. E.g. 30< 36.



Prayers 1 Say a prayer, thanking God for what we have πŸ–Ό


Good morning again Year 3, hope your PE lesson went well. Here's a little creative task for the afternoon: OBSERVATIONAL DRAWING


Sit outside in your garden, what do u see? Draw any plants etc, showing me the beauty of our gardens. Using your pencils carefully, draw the landscape too. Shade any shadows you see. 


If you haven't got any plants in your garden, use your imagination to add the pictures below to your landscape drawing. 


Don't forget to add colour too! Using pencil crayons, felt tips or paint (if you have these at home). Don't worry if not, add the detail with your pencil. 


Enjoy the sunshine as you complete this task and stay safe!


Miss Moores




Flowers 1
Flowers 2

Tuesday 24th March


Good morning Year 3.

Here's your learning tasks for today: Firstly, let's start the day with a PE lesson, afterall Tuesday is our PE day in school 😁


Follow the link below, the lesson starts at 9am. If you can't make this time online then do 30 minutes of your own exercises at home.


ENGLISH TASK: Find your first spelling sheet in your pack. Practise saying the words, then have a go at spelling them. Now, in your blue book, starting with today's date (underlined neatly), form a sentence for each spelling. Remember your full stops  and capital letters and don't forget your best joined up handwriting. 


Now read one of your books for 10mins and ask the adult in your family to sign your reading record book.


MATHS TASK:  using the 100 square in your pack, can you colour in all the answers to the 5 timetables in one colour. What pattern do you notice? Can you predict the next 5 numbers after 100? Write these out in your maths book as a number sequence. 

Now, can you write out 5 more number sequences, using the 5 times tables facts. 

e.g. 55, 60, 65, 70


Finally, practise using the greater than and less than symbols to write out some facts from the 5 times tables. E.g. 45 > 30.


Enjoy your morning. Will be in touch with your afternoon task 😎 


Miss Moores 





Rainbows 1 Being creative outdoors
Rainbows 2

Good afternoon Year 3 smiley


Hope your tasks have gone well this morning and you have remembered your prayers this morning and before lunch. 

This afternoon, as well as creating a colourful rainbow, see what you can help with at home. Does mum need help preparing the vegetables for dinner? Or could you help do some weeding and planting in the garden? 

Otherwise, if you can, make sure you have at least 30 minutes of exercise this afternoon. Maybe bouncing a ball or skipping in your back yard / garden. 

Tomorrow, I will share a link for you to join in with a PE lesson that starts at 9am every week day morning. This will be a great way to start your day!


Have a creative and helpful afternoon. Don't forget your prayers after lunch and at the end of the school day.


God bless


Miss Moores

Monday 23rd March 2020


Home Learning tasks 


Good morning Year 3. 


Here are your learning tasks for Monday:

Remember to date and title any work in your blue writing book. 

Don't forget to fill in your analogue clock with the time you started your tasks, writing a sentence with the digital time too.

E.g. Today I've started my learning tasks at 9.30am.


Task 1: Please practise the current times tables you are working on; writing fact families for both multiplication and division facts. Use your multiplication square in your folder to check your work carefully when completed. Record your fact families clearly and carefully.


On completing this task, please log onto TT Rockstars to participate in the battle of boys V's girls.


Task 2: Write a Diary Entry. 

You have a diary entry success criteria stuck in on the second page of your blue book. Check the success criteria carefully. Consider points taught last week in school. Your task is to write a diary entry of what you did on Mother's day. Hope you helped to make your mum / grandma / step mum / carer feel very special and you had a lovely day at home with your family.


Take care, remember 'face' and 'hands'.


Looking forward to seeing your fantastic work when complete.


Miss Moores :) 



Extra task


Using the plain paper in your folder, can you create a rainbow, choosing colours carefully, and place it in your window at home.

This will hopefully help to spread joy as we stay in our homes, looking out at other people's rainbows in their windows. 😊



WELL DONE Year 3!!


A fantastic effort for 2 weeks of great swimming! Those who have purchased their swimming badges achieved, I have them, and your certificates safely kept in school. We will give them out in our first celebration assembly back πŸ™‚



Year 3 will be starting their swimming lessons this Monday, 9th March; swimming every day for 2 weeks. 


Please ensure your child arrives at school for 8.35am to enable us to start our swimming lessons on time. Children must have the appropriate swimwear and towel every day to participate. Long hair must be tied back and swimming caps are encouraged. 


Looking forward to a great 2 weeks of swimming fun and progress! 


Miss Moores 


Craft Club Bookmark making

Craft Club Bookmark making  1
Craft Club Bookmark making  2
Craft Club Bookmark making  3
Craft Club Bookmark making  4

Chocolate tasting!

Chocolate tasting!  1
Chocolate tasting!  2

Our new IPC topic this term is CHOCOLATE! 

We will be thinking about where chocolate comes from, the history of chocolate making and designing our own chocolate bars!


We have began this topic by locating countries and climates where cocoa is grown. After finding these countries and labelling on a map of the world,  we then tasted Peruvian and Madagascan chocolate!  


Which chocolate would your favourite be? 


Next, we will be collecting data on our favourite type of chocolate, watch this space for an update...






Year 3 / 4 Craft club Autumn Term

WELCOME to Year 3!


Your teacher this year is Miss Moores and Miss Hopkinson will also be working with us in class every day. 


We have a fun term ahead, starting with our new IPC History topic of the Ancient Egyptians and our new Science topic, Rocks.


This half term our PE days are Tuesday and Friday and our French lesson is on a Tuesday too.


Homework goes out on a Monday and is due back by Friday of each week.


Spellings are taught on a Monday and tested on a Friday.


Our speed times table focus are 2, 5 and 10 for this half term. Get your speed up and challenge yourself on Hit the Button! We will be tested weekly, on a Thursday, to see if you can improve your speed and accuracy!


Watch this space for further updates.


Miss Moores and the Year 3 team