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Hello and welcome to Year 1. The children have been having lots of fun in their new class and have settled in very well. We have a fantastic Autumn Term coming up ahead of us with lots of interesting activities. Let’s see what we will be learning about…


In Religion – we are learning about families; our own, our school and our Church families.


In English – we are reading a variety of fiction books, such as The Gruffalo and other Julia Donaldson books. We will be predict what will happen in the stories, discuss the characters, plot of the stories and what the characters are thinking and feeling This will help your child understand the story better. We will be writing labels and lists as well as character descriptions.


In Maths – We will be looking at ordering the numbers to 100 and different ways to show these numbers. We will also be looking at different ways to make 10 and 20 by adding 2 numbers together.


In topic – we are looking at the topic “You are what you eat.” We are going discuss healthy foods, discuss a balanced diet a, look at where different foods come from and write instructions on how to plant seeds. We will also be discussing how to stay healthy with keeping fit and how being hygienic is important. Continuing on from this, we will be completing still life drawings of different fruits, designing a healthy meal and looking at where different foods come from.


Please don’t hesitate to talk to myself or Mrs Casey if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you and your children. Thank you for your support, Mrs Green.

A quick reminder that P.E is on a Tuesday and Wednesday and every child MUST have a P.E kit in school with them. Spellings will go home on Monday ready for our spelling test on Friday. Please also read with your child every night. This is very important as really impacts on your child. 

Thank you, Mrs Green

We have been very busy this half term! Take a look at what we have been doing.


Oh no! Look who came into school and scared Mrs Green! The children wrote some brilliant newspaper articles to inform and warn everyone about any more potential visits from The Gruffalo. We also gave this visitor a secret code name in case he heard us talking about him... Purple Prickles. 



Look at a couple of our fantastic reports!

We have been listening to the piece of music called In The Hall Of the Mountain King composed by Edvard Grieg. This piece of music was based around a boy running away from a scary troll king who lived in a cave. We have been writing setting descriptions of the cave, imagining what the troll looked like and describing it. We also listened to the music in our P.E lesson and imagined we were the boy escaping to the cave. We then moved around the hall rhythmically and used our drama skills to tell the story.

Fantastic work Year 1! 

We had our class Mass today. We discussed our families and how we could show them we loved them. Here are some of the things that your children said that they would do:

  • Help my mummy clean up
  • I will look after my baby brother and get things of the shelf when he can't
  • I will give everyone hugs. They like hugs


Some lovely ideas.


We have found an alien ship landing in school!

Luckily it had a name on the ship which has helped us to know who this ship belongs to. Beegu.

We have started to read the story about Beegu and found out that she is lost on Earth, nobody understands her or wants to be her friend. The children thought about what she might be feeling and said terrified, miserable, lonely, confused and frightened. 

We have decided to to write her a guide to Earth to help her navigate around this planet. Here are some pictures of the alien landing, our reactions and a couple of  pieces of our work. 

We have been making Autumnal collage pictures this week. We used our knowledge of the different seasons and discussed the different colours that we find on the trees in Autumn. I could not believe how many amazingly talented artists we have in Year 1. One pupil even said, "I'm going to do some leaves falling of the trees because that's what they do in Autumn." I am one very impressed and proud teacher!




Year 1 did FANTASTIC in our Christmas production of Prickly Hay this week. Well done to each and every person, you all played a very important part in spreading the news of how Jesus was born.

Year 1 were lucky enough to have a visit from three Year 6 prayer leaders today. They planned there own collective worship and delivered it very confidently. Well done and thank you to Anna, Emily and Piotr.