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Year 2


A few reminders:

- Your child needs a full P.E kit in school ever day.

- Your child needs their book bag in school every day.

- your child needs a water bottle in school every day

- We have P.E on a Monday and a Thursday.

- Spelling tests are every Friday and spelling books need to be in school for these.

- Please read with your child every night and ask them some of the VIPERS questions from the booklet in your child's reading record. 


If you are unsure of anything then please don't hesitate to ask 

Mrs Green


In our maths lessons we will be looking at place value within 100. We will be partitioning numbers into tens and ones and ordering numbers too. We will also be looking at adding and subtracting using tens and ones to help us.



In our english lessons we will be looking at the book Pattan’s Pumpkin which is an Indian flood story. We will be doing lots of work around this book using The Write Stuff approach. We will be using the FANTASTICS in our sentences and using these for different pieces of writing. We will also be looking at sentence structures, adjectives, nouns and many different parts of grammar to help us make our writing fantastic.




in our R.E lessons we will be looking at new beginnings. This will included new beginnings that we have had and new beginnings that God has made. We will look at lots of scriptures and stories from the Bible which will help us to think of special prayers we may write and say and lovely pieces of art work. We will then move on to looking at signs and symbols. 


Topic and Geography

Our topic this half term is Pakistan and India. We will learning all about the different continents and oceans in the world, learning about the United Kingdom and about the capital cities within the UK. We will also be learning lots of facts about Pakistan and India and compare these countries. To start our topic we had a popadom party where we tried lots of foods from both of the different countries, listened to some music from the different countries and started learning some interesting facts.


In our  science lessons we will be learning all about plants. We will learnt about the different parts of the plants and their jobs, the life cycle of the plant, what the correct conditions for a plant to grow in and many more interesting things about plants. We will also carry out an investigation about what light plants need to grow the tallest. We have already started our predictions for this too! 



In design and technology we will be looking at smoothies! We will try some different smoothies, look at the different eye catching packaging and design our own smoothies and packaging. Please make sure you hand your letter back to me with any allergies. 

In our R.E lessons we have been talking about new beginnings. We thought about all the new beginnings that God created and what new beginnings we have had. Here are some of our beautiful art work showing the new beginning of each day.