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This week is the most important week in our faith - Holy Week - The week leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection. Throughout this week, I will be setting you daily RE tasks, but as well as that, I will be setting you an Easter themed craft or baking activity each day. Some of these crafts may take longer than one day to complete. I will be choosing winners for all craft activities – good luck!

Lovely Easter gardens sent in by Ryan, Jessica and Jay

Lovely Easter gardens sent in by Ryan, Jessica and Jay 1
Lovely Easter gardens sent in by Ryan, Jessica and Jay 2
Lovely Easter gardens sent in by Ryan, Jessica and Jay 3

Monday 6th April


Watch this video on Palm Sunday using this link

Think what it would have been like to be there on that day, welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem. For your task today, you are going to take on the role of a news reporter, standing in the crowds waiting for Jesus to come and then witnessing his arrival and celebrations.


Consider what the people in the crowd were saying, the sounds and sights of the event, how you felt, what Jesus was doing and saying etc.


I have set this task as a 2Do Mashcam. I’m looking forward to the wonderful work you create today.


Monday’s craft activity:


You can do this with your family if you wish. I would like you to begin to create an Easter garden. This can be done in a box, a plant pot, a bowl or whilst the weather is nice, you could create something in your own garden and photograph it. Below are some examples of Easter gardens.


Good luck with your tasks for today. Don’t forget to say your prayers – could you find the passage in the Bible all about Palm Sunday? Maybe read this to a member of your family.


Mrs Woods

Easter garden examples

Easter garden examples 1
Easter garden examples 2
Easter garden examples 3

Maths answers Friday 3rd April

Friday 3rd April

Good morning Year 6,


How are you all today? I hope your diary is beginning to fill up after two weeks of home learning.


Have you said your prayers today? Be thankful for God’s wonderful world and all of the wonderful things and people in your life. Remember, this Sunday is Palm Sunday – why not make something to put in your window this weekend?


Our top scorers this week are:

TTRockstars – Jessica, Oliwia, Jay and Sebastian

Spelling Shed – Felix, Ronnie, Jessica and Jess

A special mention and well done to Julia, Imogen and Kamila for sending in some amazing work throughout the week. 


Your tasks for today:


Maths – As we would often do in school on a Friday, I have set you some arithmetic questions. As in class, give yourself 30minutes to complete this (use a timer on your phone/tablet/watch etc). I will post the answers this afternoon so you can check your score. Let me know on 2email what scores you get!


English – Your writing task this week is a colour poem! On PurpleMash, open today’s 2Do to find your instructions. I would like you to use a range of similes, alliteration, personification and metaphors. Remember to punctuate your poem correctly and remember to write in verses. Check any unknown words in a dictionary (or online dictionary). I can’t wait to read them!


Computing – I have set you two 2Do tasks where you need to debug the programs – can you work out where the mistakes have been made?


Well done for your hard work this week again. Have a lovely weekend with your families, stay safe.


Mrs Woods

3rd April Maths

Some examples of fabulous Year 6 work that has been sent in:

Thursday 2nd April

Good morning everyone,


Who needs your prayers today? Think of those in need today when you are speaking to God.


Wake your body and mind up with a morning PE lesson before you begin your work. Have you been choosing dance, PE with Joe or something different? Why not think about the Yoga we have been doing in school and work on these exercises?


Begin your work-time with your reading book, spellings and times tables. I will share our top scorers again tomorrow – it’s a close contest!


Your tasks for today:


Maths – Below I have attached some reasoning problems for you to solve. These questions are similar to the ones we work on in our morning maths during registration. Please write our answers in your Home Learning books.


English – On PurpleMash, I have set you some work on ‘Serial Mash’. Read chapter 1 of ‘A Bridge on Fire’, then there is an online quiz for you to complete, along with some questions which I have attached below to be completed in your Home Learning book.


Science – As part of our ‘Light’ topic, I have attached two files below on light. One is a task to investigate shadows and the direction the shadows will go depending on the position of the sun. The other task if for you to make your own sundial. In the document, it explains how to do this. Please send photographs of your sundials in action!


Well done Year 6 – I am so pleased with your work!


Mrs Woods

Wednesday 1st April

Good Morning Year 6,


How are you today? Start your day with your prayers please.


How is your exercise going? Have you tried any of the dance classes yet? The GIRLS are winning on TTRockstars – only 3 days to go! Keep up with your daily reading, spellings and times tables.


I hope you are still entering into your diary every day – it will certainly make for an interesting read in the future!


Your tasks for today:


Maths – Please complete the maths puzzle below. Send me a 2email to tell me the highest score you can get. I will let you all know who found the highest! Good luck.


English – I have attached two documents below. One is a learning PowerPoint presentation on main and subordinate clauses. Please open this and read through it first. Then I would like you to complete the worksheet in your Home Learning book, by completing sentences using subordinate clauses.


Research Task – I would like you to research a famous inventor and his/her inventions – this could be an inventor of anything that is well-known and well-used. Once you have done your research, complete a slideshow about this person and their achievements (set as a 2Do on Purple Mash). 

I have also set a 2Do called 2Quiz. I would like you to design a quiz based on the research you have carried out. I will try your quizzes after I have read your slideshows and learnt about the inventors – will I get full marks?


Keep up your hard work – I am extremely proud of your determination and perseverance.


Mrs Woods

Tuesday 31st March

Good Morning Year 6,


Start off with a morning prayer please. Why not thank God for how lucky you are?


How are you all today? Are the daily PE sessions making a difference? Your hard work online is really impressing me – keep it up!smiley


By now, I am hoping you have nearly finished one of the novels you took home from school. Your English work will be linked with this today.

Have you managed to listen to any of David Walliams’ stories yet? Here is a reminder of the link:


Your tasks for today:


Maths – Use this link and click on Lesson 2 of Week 2 ‘Ratio and Proportion Problems’. Watch the video and then complete the activities which I have attached below.


English – I have set you a book review on Purple Mash in your 2Dos. Please complete this review based on one of the books you took home to read whilst you are not in school. I am looking forward to hearing about the books that are keeping you entertained!


RE – Use this link to watch the Stations of the Cross shown with puppets. Whilst watching, reflect and pray as we would in collective worship. Then, I would like you to draw and explain the Stations of the Cross. Try to think creatively with your images – you could sketch, paint, create sculptures, freezeframes etc. Remember, any work you are particularly proud of and want to share, please take a photograph of it and email it to me on Purple Mash.

I have already received lots of photographs of great work - well done in particular to Kamila, Julia and Ronnie who have sent many photographs of their fabulous work! 


Have a lovely day everyone, 


Mrs Woods 


Monday 30th March


Good Morning Year 6,


I hope you all had a nice weekend and are staying safe at home with your families.


Make sure you start each day with your prayers. You could start today with the prayer you wrote last week.


I hope by now, on our second week in, you are in a great routine of starting the day with 30 minutes of exercise, reading, times tables and spellings. If you fancy a change of exercise, Oti Mabuse (from Strictly Come Dancing) is uploading daily dance classes linked with different films – they are very fun and a great way to keep moving. 


Remember, the TT Rockstar battle is still continuing so keep working hard for your team. I have set you new spellings to work towards this week on Spelling Shed.


Your tasks for today:


Maths – In your Home Learning books, answer the questions below using the emoji codes! Can you make your own code up to try out on someone else?
English – Open the documents below. One is a poem for you to read, and the other is the questions that I would like you to answer in your Home Learning Books. I will post the answers tomorrow for you to check your work!

Art – While the weather is still fine, I would like you to complete some landscape sketching. This could either be done by sitting in your gardens, or doing it from a window in your house that has the most interesting view. In your artwork, focus on the beauty of the world and pay attention to detail. If you do not have any plain paper to complete this on, use your Home Learning Book.


Have a nice and productive day!


Mrs Woods

Friday 27th March

Good morning Year 6,


Well done to those who have completed ALL of their work this week – I am very proud of you. Try your last BodyCoach workout this morning to finish the week off in a fit and healthy way.


Our top scorers in Spelling Shed are:

Piotr and Ronnie!

Our top scorers in TT Rockstar are:

Jessica S and Jay!


Currently, the GIRLS are winning in the battle! Keep working hard on this daily.


Start the day with your daily reading, TT Rockstar and Spelling Shed to get your brains working.


Your tasks for today:

Maths – I have set you TWO 2Dos on Purple Mash linked with area and perimeter. Please complete these and hand them in.


English – Writing Task – I would like you to use the picture below as inspiration for a story in your Home Learning Book. Remember to use all of the writing techniques we discuss each week in class. Think creatively! If you want to upload a picture of your story, you can do so via 2email.


Art/PSHE – I would like you to design a poster to go in your windows at home, thanking all of the NHS staff and people looking after the sick in this difficult time. Think of how you could brighten their day when they walk past your homes. Make a difference!


Have a nice weekend with your families and stay safe.


Mrs Woods

Friday's Writing Task:

Friday's Writing Task: 1

Spelling Shed Hive Game:

I have set up a challenge to have between us all this afternoon on Spelling Shed. 

Log in now and play with this code:


Thursday 26th March

Good morning Year 6,


Thank you for your hard work so far. I hope you’re keeping busy. Keep up with your morning exercises to get your mind ready for work.


How far have you managed to get through your chosen reading books? Keep working on your spellings and times tables on our online games. I will announce who our top scorers are for the week tomorrow! Remember, I am checking them daily. I hope you are all continuing with your diary entries too.


Use this link to listen to stories from David Walliams: Each day at 11am, he is releasing a new book to listen to!


Your tasks for today:

Maths – I have attached a document below called ‘The mystery of the winning book day costume’. Open this document and solve the mystery. Please complete your working out in your Home Learning Book.

English – On Purple Mash, I would like you to plan for a debate on whether children should use social networking sites. Check your 2Do section. Once finished, why don’t you trial this debate with a parent or sibling?

Computing – As you are spending a lot of time online, completing online work, I would like you to have a go at a sorting activity linked with online safety on Purple Mash.


Good luck and keep up the hard work!


Mrs Woods

Maths work - Thursday 26th March

Wednesday 25th March

Good Morning Year 6,


I hope you are all well. Make sure you’ve done your daily exercise with Joe Wicks!


Well done for completing your online tasks up to now. Remember each day to continue with your reading book, take part in the TT Rockstars battle for 15 minutes a day and practise your weekly spellings on Spelling Shed.


Your tasks for today:

Maths – Use this link to find ‘Lesson One’ on Ratio. Watch the video and then complete the questions from the activity. Please complete the questions in your Home Learning Book.

English – Linked with our IPC topic of ‘Extreme Weather’, I would like you to complete a MashCam of a weather person, explaining the ‘extreme weather’ that the country/region is experiencing e.g. warning the nation of a hurricane or tornado. I have set this up as a 2Do on Purple Mash.

Computing – I have set you a coding task on Purple Mash called ‘Splatty Bug’. If you finish this and want to do more, have a go at FreeCode to develop your coding skills.

RE - In your Home Learning Book, please write a prayer for all of the sick people right now. Also think about all of the people who are helping us through this difficult time. Can you share this prayer with the rest of your family?


How are you feeling today? Make sure you log your thoughts and feelings in your diary in your Home Learning Book.


Mrs Woods

Tuesday 24th March

Good morning Year 6!


Have you started the day with a PE lesson? Head to Joe Wicks’ YouTube channel to complete your 30 minute daily exercise. 

Today, make sure you read some more of your reading book, 15 minutes of TT Rockstars (are the boys or girls winning?) and 15 minutes practising your spellings on Spelling Shed. Remember, I am checking your online work activity daily to please make sure you are completing these tasks.


Your tasks for today:

Maths – Long multiplication and long division activity. In your Home Learning books, find the product and quotient of these pairs of numbers:

2416              6439              8322              7482              4819              7461

18                   25                   17                   23             34                   42

English – On PurpleMash, complete a newspaper report about the closure of schools in the UK. This can be found in your ‘2Do’ section.

Science -  please complete 4 pages of your Science SAT book. What Science topic will you choose to study today?

Have you remembered your diary entry? How are you feeling?


I am looking forward to seeing your work! Remember, you can email on Purple Mash if you have any questions.


Mrs Woods

Monday 23rd March

Good morning Year 6!


I hope you are all well and have started the day with a Joe Wicks PE lesson. If you missed it, go onto Joe Wicks’ YouTube page to have a go and stay fit and healthy.


Today, make sure you complete some of your reading book, 15 minutes of TT Rockstars and Spelling Shed.


Your tasks for today:

Maths – Log onto Purple Mash to find your work on reading timetables in your 2Do section.

English – ‘Box the Verb’ activity on Purple Mash – Also find this in your 2Do section.

PSHCE – Positive Feelings activity – Write and draw ways of showing positive emotions. Think about what you can be positive about today!


Remember, each day to log a diary entry in your Home Learning Book. 


Mrs Woods 


We have loved dressing up today and discussing and sharing our favourite books. We have used our characters to create our own book trailers. Here we are in action: 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Science Investigations! 

In Science, we have been working on a topic called 'Being Human'. In this unit, we have been investigating our heart rate and lung capacity. See us in action below:

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11

Look at how creative we are:

Today, we had a visitor into our school, teaching us how to create objects out of willow branches. Our fish and baskets are going to be displayed around school. Keep an eye out for them!

Year Six Macmillan Bake Off

Take a look at our wonderful baking skills and see our winning chocolate cupcakes!

Picture 1
Picture 2