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Weekly Certificate Award

Week ending 27th November 2020


Nursery Imogen Melia for excellent singing and dancing during our Christmas Play rehearsals
Reception Nojus Vosylius for being a fantastic role model to the other chldren
Year 1 -
Year 2 Olaf Surdel for beautiful RE work!
Year 3

Sebastian Stepien for fabulous division in maths this week! Good boy

Gabriela Cala and Callan Brownsell for great chopping and mixing skills in DT

Year 4 Thea Bodie for amazing maths work. Keep up the good work
Year 5 Kayden Rhodes for trying hard in every lesson and putting his hand up to answer questions
Year 6 Victoria Pietrus for fantastic work on a persuasive leaflet
Mr McRae Adam Wojciechowski for brilliant computing work
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