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Welcome to Reception Class

Tell me and I'll forget, teach me and I'll remember, do it together and I will learn.

Benjamin Franklyn



This term we will be learning all about;



We will be reading stories and finding all about different types of animals, where they live, what they eat and also about some animals that no longer exist! 


Every morning I will post a Maths and English activity and you can still complete these  activities in your blue book. Remember, the challenge is 'Optional', but I'm sure lots of the Reception children can have a go at this themselves now! Don't forget to send me lots of pictures of your learning and show me how well you have been doing it! I can't wait to hear from you all again!


I was very impressed with your sandwich making this week! Take a look at these super sandwich makers underneath! 


Look out for this weeks challenge here... good luck!


Miss Mallalieu and Miss Renzulli  


End of Reception


We are all so sad to have ended our Reception Year like this. We have loved teaching you all this year and are going to miss every single one of you! But we will definitely see you in September! Until the, stay safe and have a lovely holiday! Have a look at our messages below...


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Please check your emails for your child's Reception Report. If you have not received it, please contact the office with an alternative email address. I have used the emails you have been contacting me on during Lockdown.

Thursday 16th July


Today's activity is for you to send me a message! You could draw a picture of your favourite thing about School,  write a sentence or just send me a video! You could talk about who you have missed, or what your favourite thing about Reception was! I can't wait to see your pictures and videos.


Whilst you are doing your messages at home and sending them to me, Miss Renzulli and I are also preparing our own special messages for you for Friday Morning! We will post our message for you tomorrow. I will also share your pictures and videos for all your friends to see!


Good luck!

Wednesday 15th July


Phonics- High Frequency word practise today











English- Please watch Barnaby Bear visits France. Then I have added 2 activities on Purple Mash for you based on boats.


Maths- Complete the challenge below;


Tuesday 14th July


Phonics- Please complete the hold a sentence 1 from the RWI website.


English- When Barnaby Bear goes on holiday he travels in lots of different ways. Look at the video below and see if you can name all the different ways of travelling.


Draw and label your favourite 5 ways to get around!



Maths - Complete the following challenge below. It involves counting wheels!


Monday 13th July


Phonics- Start with a RWI lesson. Practise Set 2 Spelling.


English- Today Barnaby Bear is off to Edinburgh in Scotland. Please watch the video below.


Can you draw/ make your own castle? You could use bricks, blocks, lego, boxes or you could draw one! Think about all the things you might need to have on it to keep the King and Queen safe inside.


Maths- In Scotland they have lots of types of patterns called Tartan. Here are some different tartan below. They use 2/3 different colours. Can you colour your own tartan? What colour would you have it? I can't wait to see all your designs!


You can either make the pattern your self or print out the template below to colour. 

Friday 9th July

Phonics- Please read your reading book or a book from the Oxford Owls website. Send me a video of you reading.


Religion- Jesus told the story of the Mustard Seed. Watch the video below.


If we follow in the footsteps of Jesus then we can be part of the Kingdom of God.

Draw around your hands or feet and create a poster to show how we are Jesus’ hands and feet here and earth. Here are some ideas of what you could do.






Maths- Practise counting in 10's. Use the 100 square game. Can you highlight all numbers when you count in 10's? Start at 10.




Thursday 9th July

Phonics- Watch this clip of phase 3 sounds and see if you know all of the sounds. See if you can write the words for the pictures below.








Watch the video about what you might see if you go on a safari to Africa. There are lots of animals you can see.


Draw pictures of the animals you can see on your safari.

         Challenge- Write a list of the animals you can see.


Maths- I would like to to draw around your hands and count all your fingers. How many have you got? 10! That's right! Write 10 in the centre of your hand. Now draw around your mum/dad/brother/sister hands. Put the 10 in the middle of their hands. Can you count in 10's to see how many there are?  Practise counting in 10's using hands/ feet/ pencils all the way to 100. They may need some help with this! Now watch the clip about counting in 10's.

Wednesday 8th July


Phonics- Please complete they Hold a Sentence 1 today on the RWI website.


English- Please watch the video about holidays long ago.  Magic Grandad will take you back to how it was long ago at the seaside.


Today I would like you to find out about holidays longs ago. Why not ask your mum/dad and talk about their holidays to the seaside? Why not ring your grandparents and ask them too.


Maths- Start our day with the counting in 2’s song.



Now practise counting objects of 2’s using different things. If they need to count in 1’s that is still absolutely fine! See if the children can remember how to count in2’s on their own.


Challenge- Write the 2’s down in order or complete the worksheet below.

Tuesday 7th July


Phonics- Today is tricky word day. Please practise reading and writing these words










English- Watch the clip below about the seaside and what you might there.


I would like you to write some sentences about what you might do at the seaside .


Maths- Ask your mum or dad to draw shoes/socks/sweets etc in 2’s. See if you can count in 2’s underneath. Or you can print out the sheet and see if you can count the amounts.


Now practise the counting in 2’s song

Monday 6th July

Phonics- Please complete the RWI Spelling Set 2 activity for today.


English- Today we are going to start a new topic all about Holidays! Please watch the clip below


Draw a picture of a beach. Think about what you would see and what would do at the seaside.


Maths- We are going to continue counting in 2’s today. Watch the video below about pairs of socks.

Can you draw 5 pairs of socks or shoes and put them in 2’s.

         Challenge- write down the 2’s tp 10, and 20 if possible.


Music- Mrs Hippolyte has sent music for you to today!


Hi Everybody – are you ready to make music?

Shall we sing a “hello” song like last time? Here it is again:


Here’s a favourite story of mine called “Walking Through the Jungle” by Julie Lacome.


Here is a song based on the same story – most of the time you can be a copy cat and repeat what the singer sings. Can you pretend you are exploring in the jungle – what would you need to take with you? You could sing the song whilst you are exploring.


You could send a photo or video of you singing to your teacher and ask if they can share it with Bolton Music Service @BoltonMusicCent.


Here is some music to listen to. What animal does it make you think of? How would you move to it?

Did it remind you of an elephant? Did you stomp with big, heavy feet?

Here’s a rhyme about an elephant you can stomp to and wave your trunk:

An elephant goes like this and that,

He’s terribly big and he’s terribly fat.

He has no fingers he has no toes

But goodness gracious what a nose!

Friday 3rd July


Phonics- try these phonics games today!


Religion- Jesus told stories called Parables. This is the Parable of the Lost Sheep. Watch the video.


Now I would like you to think about  something that you have lost- maybe its your favourite toy, or maybe you lost you mum or dad! It could be anything.


    - Draw a picture of something you have lost.

    - Think about how you felt when you lost it. Maybe you could write how you felt in a sentence.

    - Remember that God will always look for you even if you are lost.

    - You could say or write your own prayer saying thank you to God for always looking after you.



Maths-  We are going to start counting in 2's today. So you will either need some socks / gloves/  shoes (or anything else in a pair). You will need 5 pairs. Put them into 2's, then counting them first in 1's, then try counting them in 2's (2,4,6,8,10). Repeat several times, with different objects in 2's or pairs. Today we are just going to concentrate on making pairs/2's of objects and counting them. Try at forst to 10, then you could try to 20!

Listen to the song above counting in 2's.   


Thursday 2nd July


Phonics- Red word practise today. Please practise reading and writing these words in your book.











English- I have set  2 2do's on Purple Mash based on What the Ladybird Heard.


Maths- Please watch the story of Rosie's Walk. As you listen to the story see if you can describe where Rosie is going on her walk. Try and use positional language when you are describing it. Listen to the story again, but turn the volume off. This time you try and retell the story in your own words.


Knowledge and Understanding of the World


I have set several games about farms n Purple Mash. Have a go at a few of them!

Wednesday 1st July


Phonics - Please complete the Hold a Sentence 1 activity on the RWI Youtube website.


English- Look at the different maps of the farms. Can you design your own farm? You could use your own toys/ bears/ teddies or farm animals. Or you could draw and design your own map on paper! Think about what animals are on a farm! Would would you find a lion? Or a fish? (You will need this for your Maths activity too!)


Maths- When you have made your map, I would like you to practise your positional language - on top of/ over/ under/ around through etc. You could get one of your toys and direct him around your map to the fine prize cow. Its all about the talk today!



Tuesday 30th June


Phonics- For today I would like you to practise reading. You could either read your reading book or read a  book from the Oxford Owls website (login and password below). Please send me your videos of you reading your books!


Oxford Owls Website-



password- Stmaries2020

  • click Show ebooks
  • click on the ages '4-5' and then find the book you want


English- Watch the clip of  What the Ladybird Heard again. Think about what all the animals say and the noises they make.


Match the sounds to the correct animals -


You could also write what the animals say or print out the sheet below and match them together.



Maths- Here are some games to help you practise your doubles and halves of numbers. 


Science- Try and sort these animals into groups. Think about what they look like and how they move

Monday 29th June


Phonics- Lets Start the week with Spelling set 2 to help us remember all those set 2 spelling sounds! RWI Youtube


English- Listen to the story of What the Ladbybird Heard.


Draw the pictures of some of the farm animals from the story.

                     Challenge- Make a list of the different animals on the farm.


Maths- We are going to continue with the halving this week. First recap on the halving we did last week. Watch the numberblocks episode and focus on the halving of the numbers that is done towards the end of the video clip.


Halve numbers to up to 10 into 2 equal groups. You could half a piece of paper to start with to help you practically half the amount to 10. 


                    Challenge- Write Half of 2 = 

                                       Underneath draw 2 circles and help the children to draw 2 objects equally into 2 groups- 1 in each. Then complete the answer above.

                                        Now Write Half of 4= 

                                       Repeat underneath  with 2 circles and see of the children can draw 4 objects shared between the 2 groups, then write the answer above. 


Repeat with numbers to 10. If the children can continue you could always try 12,14,16,18,20. 



Music. Mrs Hypolite sent some music for today!


    Hi Everybody – are you ready to make music and shoot for the stars?

Let’s start with our Hello song – can you sing along with Mrs Caswell? 


Now, let’s sing a song we all know – “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”.


   Here’s a fun song called ‘Rocket into Space’.
Can you make up your own actions to the song? 


I hope that’s put you in the mood for going on a space adventure! 

Here’s some space music to listen to before we have our space story.
How did this music make you feel? Can you move around the room and do what the music tells you?

    Let’s blast off on our journey to the moon with our story…
“Whatever Next” by Jill Murphy


Can you make a rocket and go on your own space adventure? You can watch this clip to help you…

What things do you think you would need to take with you?
Here’s a space song called “Zoom, Zoom, Zoom” - you can sing it as you get ready for your space journey.

Friday 26th June


Phonics- Tricky word practise today. Here are some games to help to learn to read these 'tricky' words. - try phase 2 and phase 3


Now try and write these tricky words in your books- 










Religion- Monday is the Feast of St Peter and St Paul. Please watch the clip about St Peter and the Miraculous Catch of Fish.


I would like you to think about people or things you are thankful for. Write them down on little 'fish'. 

You could also colour the picture of St Peter if you wish.



Maths- Today we are going to halve some amounts. Sharing into 2 equal groups. Watch the teacher explain it to the children in the video;


Get a piece of paper and fold it in half. Get 2 sweets/objects and ask the children to share them in half. Use the paper to help them. Then say half of 2 is 1. Repeat with even numbers to 10. Can they find half of these numbers?

          Challenge- are there any numbers we cannot half?


Thursday 25th June


Phonics- Practise your sounds and word reading with these games; 



English- Now today you and penguin are going on holiday to the seaside. Today I would like you to pack your suitcase as if you are going somewhere it is very hot. Draw pictures of what you will take with you!



        Challenge- label the pictures in your suitcase.


Maths- Excellent work  on doubling this week. Today we are going to look at halving. Watch the video below


Now try and practise halving things. You could halve a cake, a biscuit, an apple. But remember when you half them you share them equally into 2! 

            Challenge: Colour half of different shapes/objects (either your own pictures or print out the sheet below)





Wednesday 24th June


Phonics- Please complete the Hold a Sentence Activity on the RWI Website


English- Watch the story of Lost and Found again. 


Now I would like you to pretend you are going on a trip with the penguin. You are going to visit the South Pole.



What will you pack in your suitcase to visit here? Draw pictures.

              Challenge- label each item in your suitcase. Use your sounds to help you write each word.



Maths- More doubles practise today. Play these games below and see if you can get faster at recognising your doubles. You can use your fingers to help you if you need! Choose the doubles to 10 option. 




Tuesday 23rd June


Phonics- Please do RWI Set 2 Spelling lesson


English- Following on from our story of Lost and Found, we are going to investigate floating and sinking. Watch this video first.


Now I would like you to investigate which objects in your house will float and sink.  First predict if you think it will float or sink nd thgen test it. See if you can test at least 5 objects.


                      Challenge- make a list of those things that float and sink. 

Maths- We are going to continue to work with doubles, Watch the videos below to remind you how to double a number. 


Practise doubling again! Use lots of objects to practise! 


Draw a butterfly or ladybird and double spots on either side.


                    Challenge- draw double objects  and write the number sentence underneath. Here is an example of how you could show it.  Work with numbers to 5+5.




Monday 22nd June


Phonics-  Please do set 2 Speed Sounds lesson on the RWI Youtube website.


English- Please listen to the story Lost and Found.


Can you design your own penguin friend for the penguin? What will you call it?



Maths- double trouble. Watch the clip below.


Practise doubling amounts with objects, toys and sweets.

-Put 1 sweet, and then say double it and put another 1- double 1 is 2.

-Get 2 toys and say double it and another 2- double 2 is 4.

Repeat  up to double 5. Repeat this activity many times until the children understand how to double an amount to 5.








Friday 19th June


Pets- I have set some activities of Purple Mash for us to finish the end of this little topic. 


Maths- Last day today- number 20!


Can you show me 20 in  different ways- use objects, fingers, toys or anything else to show me 20!

                Challenge- draw 20 items and practise number 20. 

Religion- On the 29th June it is the Feast of St Peter and St Paul. Today we are going to learn about St Paul. Watch the video below and see how Saul changed and became Paul.


I want you to think about how Saul changed. What kind of man was he before? What kind of man did he become? Talk with your family about this. What could you do to change and be more like St Paul?



1. Talk with your family and make a promise of something you could change.

2. Draw/paint/ colour a picture of St Paul.

3. Write your own prayer to St. Paul.

4. Write down the words to show the person that St  Paul became and how he had changed. 

Thursday 18th June


Phonics- Please complete Set 2 Spelling today!


English- Oh No! My favourite pet- Dotty the Dog has disappeared. Can you make a poster for me because she is missing? 


Try and write 3 sentences about what she looks like! Here are some posters showing you what it might look like!




Maths- Today is number 19. Please watch the clip below.


Maths and PE together today!

 1- Do 19 jumps 

2. Do 19 hops

3.Touch your toes 19 times.

4. Skip 19 times.

5. Count to 19 and run as fast as you can.

6. Sit quietly and breathe for 19 seconds.


Father's Day


On Sunday it is Fathers day, here are some ideas of things you could make for your dad.




Wednesday 17th June


Phonics- Try the activity at the bottom of the RWI Page - Read and Hold a Sentence 1. The children will need pencil and paper.


English- I have put 2 games on Purple Mash both are about Pets!


Maths- Number 18 today!


Find me a selection of 18 objects, see how many different ways you can share the 18 objects into 2 or 3 groups. Say the number sentence out loud.

     Challenge- Write me some of the number sentences to make 18.



Tuesday 16th June


Phonics- Please watch the clip below. Its revision of the sounds we are learning in Set 2/Phase 3.


English- I have set a 2do on Purple Mash. You should read the book about pets and then add your own page into the book at the end. The book is easy to read and you should be able to have a go at reading it yourself!


Maths-  Today is the number 17 (almost there now!) Please watch the clip on the numberblocks.


Can you be an artist and either paint or draw 17 objects!


Challenge- Start with 17 and take away 1. How many are left?  Now take away 2, how many are left? Carry on taking away different amounts.


Monday 15th June


Phonics- RWI You Tube. Please watch the Set2 Speed Sounds lesson today!


English- Please watch this clip about Pets.


I would love to know what your favourite pet is! Please draw a picture of what pet you would like!

                     Challenge- Write a sentence underneath I would like a.....


Maths- We are going to learn about the number 16 today. Watch the number blocks episode.


Practise writing the number 16 in your book and draw 16 balloons.

          Challenge- can you write me some number sentences to make 10?

Super Sandwich Makers!

Friday 12th June


English- Today we are going to practise our rhyming again. Watch the clip below:


Now try these games and see how good you are with your rhyming!



Maths - look at these 4 numbers and see if you can put them in order of size, starting with the smallest. Write them in your book.

3                     6                1               4


When they have done this, give them some more numbers and see if they can put them in order of size. Start with numbers to 10 and then try up to 20.


Religion. Next Friday is the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Please watch the video that explains  what the sacred heart looks like and symbolises. Maybe try one of the activities from the page or draw your own Sacred Heart. 



Thursday 11th June


PE- Please do some PE today, maybe practise your balls skills, cosmic yoga or kids zumba from last week? You could always try to Just Dance for Kids below if you fancy doing some dancing! 


Phonics- Please watch RWI Set 2 Speed Sounds


English- Please listen to a book called "Commotion  in the Ocean". It has lots of little poems in about sea creatures.


The poems all rhyme in the book. Today we are going to learn about rhyming words- words that sound the same eg. pot, hot, cot, rot or shell, smell, bell, well.


I would like you to find me some words that rhyme with ;


cat                  pan


Make a list underneath each word in your book. Notice how they all rhyme and have them same letter pattern.


Maths- Great comparing of amounts yesterday. Today I have got some games where you must put the numbers in order according to size.  (ordering smallest to largest)   (try ordering 1-10 and then 1-20 forwards)


Wednesday 10th June


Phonics - Please complete the RWI Spelling Lesson Set 2.


English- The story of The Rainbow Fish is all about friendship. I would like you to think about your friend (It could be a friend from home or a friend from school) and then draw a picture of them and write a sentence underneath about your friend. 


Maths- Today is number 15. Please watch the number blocks episode below


Now you are going to count  and then compare 2 amounts and see which has more and which has less. 

1. You take a handful of objects and then your mum and dad takes some.

2. Count how many you have and they count how many they have.

3. Say who has more and who has less. You could even say 9 is more than 5! 


Play the game several times until you are super confident! Tomorrow we are going to compare more than 2 numbers !



Making Music at Home – EYFS Brown Bear

Hi Everybody – are you ready to make music?


Shall we sing a “hello” song like last time? Here it is again:

Do you have a favourite colour? Can you see it in this song?



This song has lots of animals all looking for each other. Each animal is a different colour.  The pictures are from a book called “Brown bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”  Maybe you have got the book?


Can you draw some different coloured animals? You can copy some from the song, or you can think of your own ideas!


You’ll need 4 different coloured pieces of paper or books spread out in front of you like this. (You can choose which colours to use)








Watch the video and try to copy the patterns

If your parent or sibling wants to join in, you can play the copying game like the people in the video but choose your own patterns. Take turns being the leader!  You might have your own 4 pieces like in this video (some of the patterns get a bit tricky on this one!)



Tuesday 9th June


Phonics- Once again we are working our way through  RWI Set 2 Speed Sounds. I am impressed with how many of these sounds you all know! So keep on working hard!


English- Watch this story, it is one of my favourite stories! The Rainbow Fish.


I would like you to create your own fish today. You could paint it, or draw it, or chalk it or use crafts! Whatever you have available at home! Remember it needs to have one shiny scale that the Rainbow fish gave him! I am going to  put some pictures of some ideas of what you could do.





Maths - Today is the number 14. Watch the numberblocks video clip.


Practise making 14 with different objects.


        Challenge- Can you write 0-14 in the correct order in your book? Now can you count back from 14 to 0 in your back.                  See if your mum/dad can give you a challenge like this and put the missing answers in the boxes.


                7,8,9,_______,11,12 _______14





Monday 8th June


Phonics- Please complete Speed Sounds Set 2 lesson on the RWI website.


English- We are going to learn about Under the Sea Creatures this week. Watch the clip and see how many sea creatures you can name.


Now complete the 2Do at Purple Mash where you can design your own fidsh


Maths. Today we are going to learn about the number 13.


Please practise counting up to 13 objects around the house. If you have lego r duple, you culd make 13 in different way and shapes.


Challenge- draw 13 bricks. See if you can make a different pattern rather than just a tower. Then practise writing the number 13. 

Dear Zoo

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Friday 5th June


Phonics- I have set up an account to splay some phonic games for free. Here is the link for it. To login just type your child's first name with a capital letter eg. Adam. There is no password for the login.


English- Today I would like you to draw your favourite zoo animal and then tell your mum and dad some facts about it.

      Challenge- label your animals or write a few sentences about it. You could say what it looks like, where it lives or what it           eats. Remember to sound each word out yourself and put finger spaces between all your words. It doesn't matter if it is               spelt correctly, as long as you have a go!


Maths- Here are some games to help you practise counting and ordering number to 20. (choose 10 or 20) (choose between 10 and 20/30)


Thursday 4th June


Phonics- Begin with Speed Sounds Set 2


Try this game with some of the Phase 3 sounds we have done this week-


PE- Today is PE Day. I have found some fun videos below for you to do in PE this morning. Or you could do something you would prefer to do yourself.


1. Zumba for kids -


2. Animal Dance-


3. Exercise and counting - 


English- I would like you to choose your favourite zoo animal and find out some fun facts about them. Think about what they look like, where they live and what they eat. Talk with your mummy and daddy about this animal. For today, it all about talking together and finding out things about your zoo animal. No writing or drawing for today. Writing will be Friday! So for today all I need you to do is to talk and find things out with your child!


Maths- The story of 12. In your book, show me lots of different ways of making 12, You could use objects or draw pictures to make 12.

       Challenge- write number sentence to make 12. 

Wednesday 3rd June


Phonics- Please watch and complete the RWI Spelling for the sound ee. You will need a pencil and piece of paper. 


English- We are going to re-read Dear Zoo today. Watch this different clip of the story;


Now I want you to use your teddies like Justin did and make your own story up of Dear Zoo. Your mummy or daddy can take some pictures or record a little video of you telling your own story with your teddies! 


Maths- Today we are going to learn the number 12. Please watch the numberblocks episode;


Now play the games below sequencing numbers to 20-


Knowledge and Understanding of the World


If you want an extra challenge today whilst the weather is cold and cloudy, why not have a look at the animals that live in Melbourne Zoo in Australia. If you follow the link you can choose different zoo animals to look at and see what they are upto! 


My favourite animals were the snow leopards and I loved seeing the little cubs!


Tuesday 2nd June


Phonics- I apologise, I did not realise the RWI lessons were starting from the beginning again. So today I would like you to do Set 2 Speed sounds. The link is below:


English- Please listen to the story Dear Zoo. It is about choosing a pet. After watching it, think about what pet you would like!Draw what you would like and think about what is wrong for with it.


I wanted a penguin but it was too chilly!


Maths- We are going to do some more work on 11. Watch the clip below;


Practise counting out up to 11 objects using toys and objects. Get your 11 objects and share them into 2 groups. How many is in each? Say 9 and 2 is 11. See how many different ways you can make 11.

       Challenge:Write some number sentences showing how to make 11.


Music- Lets warm up with a song about animals


Now lets practise clapping the beat.



20200531_194417 (1).mp4

Still image for this video

Monday 1st June


Phonics- Today we will recap our sounds, so please watch the RWI Speed Sounds Set 1 clip below and see how many sounds you can remember! It will be uploaded after 9.30am. 



English- Our new topic is Animals. To start with I want you to think of as many animals as you can. Then draw your favourite animals in your book. Use books or the internet to help you draw them, making sure you use the correct colours! (Draw at least 5 animals!)

               Challenge- Write the words underneath each picture. Remember to sound the words out yourself! 


Maths- We are going to meet a new friend today - the number 11. Watch the numberblocks clip below;


Now practise counting to 11. You could do 11 claps, 11 jumps, 11 catches of a ball or 11 of anything else you wanted. 

             Challenge- practise writing the number 11 in your book and draw 11 footballs underneath it.



Helping our families with the washing up

Friday 22nd May


Phonics- Please complete the Set 1 spelling lesson. You will need pen and paper.


English- I want you to make a story map of the story of the Enormous Turnip. Think about all the different parts of the story. What happens first? Next? Draw the pictures showing what happens in the story. Here is a picture of  a story map, don't copy it- I know your story map will be much better!

(Don't worry if the children forget bits, I am only looking for them to remember the main parts of the story. Try not to help them and see what they can do!)


Maths- Fantastic work on length this week! I am very impressed! Today we are going to focus on weight. Choose 2 of your toys and put them in your hands like a balance. Feel how heavy they are- the heavy hand goes down to the floor and the lighter hand goes up to the sky. Say "The ___ is heavier than the ___" . Try it with lots of different toys and objects, thinking about which object is heavier and which is lighter.


Remember my Art Challenge too for over the holidays! Have a lovely time with your families. Stay safe and take care. See you soon.


Miss Mallalieu and Miss Renzulli

Who would help you to pull our your enormous vegetable?

Some parents have expressed an interest in having new reading books, but recent guidance stops us from giving books at the moment. So I have found a website where the children can read books for free. I will post the link below. I have signed myself up, so you may use my login details and password which I will post below. It is free to join, so you may wish to register yourself. On here you will find books for the children to read online.  Look at the colour on the side of your child's reading book to give you a band colour - pink/red/yellow/blue are the colours they might have. Then find a book with the same colour on the page for your child to read. 


Oxford Owls Website-



password- Stmaries2020

  • click Show ebooks
  • click on the ages '4-5' and then find the book you want


Thursday 21st May

Phonics- read either your reading book or one of the books from the website above


Religion- Today is the Feast of the Ascension. Watch the clip of when Jesus returned to heaven to be with God. Then I want you to think about what you would say if you saw Jesus going up to heaven? How would you feel? Then complete the activiti of Purple Mash I have set for you! 


English- Re-tell the story of the Enormous Turnip to your family. Tomorrow you are going to do something very tricky for me, so you need to know this story really well!


Maths- Watch this clip on longer and shorter. Then I want you to find 3 different objects (you could use your monster) and then put them in order starting from the shortest to the longest. Repeat this a few times until you are confident at this.


          Challenge- draw 3 snakes in order of size!

Wednesday 20th May


Phonics - See how many words you can read for the hedgehog in the time! Send me a message with your score on! Try first with phase 2-CVC, then try phase 3-sh/ch/th


English - Think about your Enormous Vegetable. Imagine you need help to get it our of the ground. Which 3 characters will you have to come and help you! You could have anything to help you - a crocodile/dinosaur/a friend?

             Challenge- draw and label each of the characters.


Maths - Today I want you to use your Measure Monster to find objects that are shorter than it. Be careful to line your monster up at the side of it! 

             Challenge- draw the objects in your book.


Art- This challenge is for this week and over half term. I want you to choose your favourite flowers- you could find one on your walk, in the garden or from a picture in a book or the internet. Then either paint it, colour it, collage it, chalk it or do anything else you want to create the picture. Then I would like you to send me a photo and then bring it to school on the first day you can come back to school and I will put them up in our room!  



Measure monsters and Gigantic Turnips!

Tuesday 19th May


Phonics- Watch the RWI speed sounds clip for today.


English- Watch the story of the The Enormous Turnip again. After watching it, retell the story to your family. See if you can remember the order of the story and the repetitive phrases eg; they pulled and they pulled.

              Challenge- draw your favourite part of the story. 


Maths- Today we are going to investigate how long things are around your house and garden. You will need your measure monster that you made yesterday. Use it find different objects that are longer than it! Then say "the ______ is longer than my monster". 

           Challenge: Draw objects longer than your monster.



1. Lets warm up with some clapping !


2. Try joining in with this song about planting seeds.


3. Listen to the song again. This time when you sing it, make up some actions to go with it.


Hello everybody! Miss Renzulli and I are looking forward to seeing all your fabulous work again this week! 

Special mentions to Adam, Fabian, Max and Sara who have all continued to keep their bedrooms tidy and clean this week! 


This weeks task - Help your mummy and daddy by either washing up your plate or helping dry up! Send me your pictures of you doing your jobs!


See you all soon :-) 

Monday 18th May


Phonics- Match the sounds and the letters in this game;


You could always try this game too;


English- Watch the story of The Enormous Turnip


Imagine you plant your own fruit or vegetable and it turns out Enormous! Draw your own 'Enormous' item and draw it in your book.

                 Challenge- Write a sentence underneath your picture.


Maths- Create your own 'Measure Monster' by drawing on a monster on a piece of paper. Decorate it or colour it in and then cut it (You could download one if you prefer from the file below). You will be using this monster during the week to help you with measuring the length of different objects. We will be looking at objects and saying if they are longer or shorter than your monster! 

Thursday's Activities

Friday 15th May


Phonics- Practise your phase 2 sounds using this game;


You could also try this game to practise your blending of letters together;  


Religion- May is the month of Mary, Jesus' mother. It is a time when we think about our special Lady, we will offer  prayers and say her special prayer The Hail Mary,

Watch the clip  of when Mary was chosen to be the mother of Jesus.


Choose from the list of activities (1 or more);

- print out the picture of Mary and her special prayer and colour it in(underneath).  Remember to say this prayer every day during May.

- make your own rosary bracelet with 10 beads on for a decade of the Rosary. Use this when you say The Hail Mary.

- write/say a prayer to Mary. Perhaps think about how she can help people during this time.

- create  a pebble for Mary.  Find  a pebble or stone outside. Write Mary's  name on it, perhaps decorate  with with pictures of flowers, beads or even Mary herself. On your walk hide it for someone else to find.


Maths- practise counting backwards from different numbers up to 20. 

            Challenge - write them in your book. eg. 9,8,7...      14.13,12 ...


Science- Look at the pictures below, Fabian has planted cress seeds on his window sill to see how hey grow. Over the weekend, why not try and plant some cress yourself, or a sunflower or some flowers in the garden. Send me a picture of what you have planted. 



Thursday 14th May


Thursday is PE day! Make sure you do some PE today!


Mr Cowling -

Cosmic Yoga Disco-


English- Listen to the story of Oliver's Vegetables. 


A vegetable is a part of a plant that is used for food. Draw your favourite vegetables in your book.

              Challenge- label each one of the vegetables using the sounds that you know.





Wednesday 13th May


Phonics- Complete the RWI  SPELLING activity today. You will need a pencil and paper.


English- I have set you 2 2do's on Purple Mash today. 1 is a labelling of the plant and the other creating your own flower picture. 


Maths- Use these games to help you practise taking away - start with this one. Practise taking away a number and let the children touch the bottles to see how they disappear. 


Music- Mrs Hippolyte has sent some music activities all about planting. Why not learn these songs?









Hi Everybody – are you ready to make music?


Shall we sing a “hello” song like last time? Here it is again:


Today we are thinking about planting seeds.










Here’s The Seed Song for you to listen to and join in with. At the beginning you have to be the “copy cat” and echo what the first singer sings, then there are parts when everyone sings together. Can you make up some actions?











So, today’s story is – “Jasper’s Beanstalk” by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen

This story makes me want to plant some seeds. We could plant beans to grow a beanstalk or we could plant cress seeds, which will grow faster, like in this video.


Here’s one of my favourite rhymes – when you know it well can you start it really quietly and get gradually louder and louder as the peas grow bigger?


Five little peas in a pea-pod pressed, (clench fingers in one hand)

One grew, two grew and so did all the rest, (raise fingers slowly)

They grew and grew and did not stop, (stretch fingers widely)

Until one day the pod went POP. (clap loudly on POP)




Plants and Flowers

Tuesday 12th May


Phonics- Start by practising your sounds with this fun game:   (phase 2, then phase 3 for a challenge-you could look at sh/ch/th in particular)


Here is a game if you want to have a game as well:  


English- Watch this video about plants and flowers. 


Now I would like you to find me the different parts of a flower from your garden or on your walk - some stems, some flowers, some roots (if possible) and some leaves. Stick them onto a piece of paper and see if you can name what they are to your family.

              Challenge- label them! Remember to use your sounds to help you write them!


Maths- Watch the clip of taking away


Continue to work on taking away today. You could use objects again

         Challenge- write the number sentence down  eg, 5-2= and say it to the children. See if they can solve the question and write the answer. You can work with numbers to 20, but only take away a number under 10.



Well done with last weeks challenge- especially Adam and Max who have been making the table each night! 


Miss Renzulli's challenge-  Keep your bedroom tidy all week. Why not help by dusting too?

Flowers and Plants


Monday 11th May


Phonics- Watch the RWI speed sounds today. Do you know all your sounds? Any sounds the children are struggling to remember, you ask them to practise writing it down to help them. 


English- Our new topic is Flowers and Plants. Either go into the garden, or look on your walk and find as many different flowers, plants or trees that you can.  You could then either;


- stick down the wild flowers or plants you find on a piece of paper. OR

 - draw the flowers, plants or trees you saw (remember what colour they were)


Challenge- Label the flowers, trees or plants if you can.


Maths- Today we will start working with taking away/subtraction. I would like you to use sweets/pens/toys or anything you  have and practise taking away a small amount. 


eg. Get 7 pencils. Take away 5, how many is left?

     Get me 12 sweeties. If you take away 3 of the, how many will there be left?


You can work with numbers to up to 20, but please only take away numbers to 10. Just have lots of practise during the day doing this!


RAINBOW CHALLENGE- As you can see me and Miss Renzulli have made you pictures to show you how much we miss you. Will you make us a picture and send it to me to show us how much you are missing everyone in Reception class? You could do a rainbow, or portrait of yourself or the friends that you miss. We can't wait to see them!






Our Amazing Mashed Up Minibeasts

Thursday 7th May


Phonics- Try Word Time Reading today on the RWI website!


English- Today I want you to describe your fabulous minibeasts! Write at least 3 simple sentences, start with


                                  It is....     or

                         It has...


Try and encourage the children to sound out the words themselves, listening to the sounds they can hear and writing them on their own!


VE DAY- Friday is a very special day. It is the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Watch this clip and it will help explain what it is all about.


I have set 2 fun activities on Purple Mash for you.

I have also attached a picture for you to colour to put in your window.  Look at the picture of the Union Jack to help you colour it correctly.


Hope you have a lovely day and celebrate  VE Day with your families!

Stay Safe 



In the Reception Band we have maracas, guitars, pan pipes, drums and other fabulous instruments!


Still image for this video

Wednesday 6th May


Phonics- Watch the video and practise your Speed Sounds today -


If you want to play some phonics games you could try the Phonics Play, Phonics Bloom or Top Marks websites. Play Phase 2 to start with.


English- We have been looking at lots of different minibeasts the last few weeks. Today I want you to design your own minibeast. You can mix 2,3 or more minibeasts together to make a new one! You could have long wormy body, with a curly shell and 4 jumpy legs, or a round body with 6 spidery legs, 2 antennae and wings to fly. Think about the colour it might be - will it be green to camouflage in the grass, brown like the mud or pink like the flowers. I want you to design your minibeast carefully and then draw it, with your parents help if needed. Your only job today is to design this minibeast- so I want you to think carefully about the different parts of your creature and what is can do (Jump, fly, wriggle, slime) as well as the colour it is. Use books, pictures and the internet tp give you lots of ideas!



Maths- Today you are going to an ice cream shop! Choose a flavour and a topping and find the total cost of them. You could use pennies or objects help you add the numbers together. You could always choose a flavour and 2 toppings!



Challenge- Write the number sentences in your blue book!

Adding is fun!

Tuesday 5th May


Phonics- Here are some simple sentences to practise your blending and reading. Why not try and read the sentences yourself or listen and follow the text?



Music- Mrs Hippolyte has sent some music for you to do today-


1. We are going to listen to a story about a bear who can’t get to sleep. The story is called ‘Peace At Last.’ You could make some of the sounds in the story using your voice.


2. Let’s learn a new song with lots of actions to help wake up Daddy Bear. You could find a teddy in your house to join in with the song!

The song is called “Wake Up!”        


3. You could make an instrument at home to play with the song ‘Wake Up Wake Up .’

It could be something to shake, or scrape or even tap!

Perhaps you could use spare bits of wrapping paper or empty packets or plastic milk cartons. Have a look and see what you could use or recycle!


Here are some ideas how to make different instruments!  


Send me your pictures of your instruments. 


English- Take your teddy on a sound walk around your house, garden or on your daily walk. As you hear the sounds, say the letter it begins with. 

         Challenge- play  I spy with my little eye, something beginning with...


Maths- Continue with adding 2 numbers together, trying counting on from the bigger number as you add together if you can. Today write some number sentences for the children in their blue book  and see if they can solve them on their own using objects. If confident try using numbers to 20 and adding a small number to it. eg 14+3=


         Challenge- add 3 numbers under 10 together! eg 4+3+1=      9+4+2=

video 2.mp4

Still image for this video

The Children in Reception have many talents...

Symmetrical Butterflies

Monday 4th May


Phonics- Play on the website below. Try these games I have chosen first, but you can always have a play on some different games if you enjoy them. Try the phase 2 games, and phase 3 if you want a challenge! 


English- Watch the clip on Spiders. Then draw me a picture/paint/make me a spider of your own.

              Challenge- label the parts of the spider. Remember to sound out the words and spell them yourself!


Maths- Please practise adding 2 numbers together. You could use some objects and ask them to find how many altogether. We have been working on counting on from the bigger number, but it is fine for the children to count them all. You could use sweets, pencils, toys or anything else they would like. Keep both numbers under 10. 


For example, ask them to get 8 and 4 and find how many altogether? Or, 9 and 5 is?


              Challenge- Counting on from the bigger number rather than counting from 1. 

Friday 1st May

Phonics- Why not watch the RWI clip to practise your phonics. This time watch the Spelling clip. You will need something to write with and something to write on.


Religion- Sunday's Gospel talks about how Jesus came so that we can live our life to the fullest. He told this parable about how we all have our own talents and we need to let them shine. After you have watched the clip think about something you are really good at. Either draw me a picture and write a sentence, or practise/show me the talent on a video clip. Remember to tell me what you are good at!


Maths- Butterflies are symmetrical on each side of their wings. This means both wings are exactly the same.I would like you to make me a symmetrical butterfly. These are some ways you could make it;


1. Fold the paper in half. Paint half of a butterfly and fold it over and it will make a symmetrical butterfly.


2. Make your own symmetrical butterfly with some crafts/bits and pieces.



3. Download a colouring sheet or make one of your own and colour it.



symmetrical colouring sheet

The children used 1p coins to make different amounts! Well Done!

Thursday 30th April


PE- Its PE day today, why not watch Mr Cowling's clips, do Joe Wicks, or even try some yoga. I'll post some links below;


Mr Cowling-

Joe Wicks PE- 

Cosmic Kids Yoga-


Don't forget to send me a picture or a video of your PE activity!


English- This is my favourite story- Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell. Listen to the story; 


I would like you to think of different things that Norman could use instead of a shell and draw me what you think of.

                 Challenge- write a word or a sentence for each one he could try. 


Maths- Last day today on the number 10. Here are some games for you to play; 



The children were challenged to think of their own life cycles! They did a fabulous job! See if you can name any of the cycles!

Wednesday 29th April


Phonics- Start your day with some phonics. Use the link below. Why not try the Word Time Reading Activity today.


English- I have set you a task on Purple Mash on your 2do's. Design your own minibeast and then give it a name! This is mine-


Maths- See if you can find some 1p's. You will need 10 of them. Look at the shop underneath. Choose something to buy. See if you can count out the right amount with the 1p coins? Take a picture of you counting out the 1p's. 

            Challenge- choose something to buy and draw the right amount of coins in your book.




Look at our wonderful work!

Tuesday 28th April


Phonics - Start with some phonics games this morning. Try this website for some different fun activities. Start with games in phase 2.                   


Then try this game if you are confident- 


English- Your life cycles were fantastic yesterday! I would like you to have a think about a different life cycle. This could be anything- human, chick, ladybird or anything that you are interested in. Make a poster of your life cycle and sen d me a picture. I will post all of your life cycles on the website tomorrow night. 

             Challenge- label the different parts of your life cycle.


Maths- Can you solve these problems for me? You can use objects to help you if you want, or you could try and remember your number bonds to 10 that we have been learning. 



Challenge- Try this! It is a little trickier, but I think you could have a try!



Still image for this video

Monday 27th April


English- please start with some phonics games using the Phonics Play website. Here is a link for you to follow. Try playing dragons den, starting with phase 2 and then going into phase 3 if you are feeling confident!


If you enjoyed this game, try a different one!


Now watch this clip and song about the life cycle of a butterfly.


Can you make your own lifecycle? 


 Challenge- Label the parts of the life cycle.


Maths- You will need 2 pencil crayons. Colour 10 dots using 2 colours. Use this to help you write the number sentence at the side of it to show the number bond to 10.


eg.       2 + 8 =10


Challenge- Use 3/4 different colours to make different number sentences to 10.

Friday 24th April


Religion - Sunday's Gospel is story of 'The Road To Emmaus'. Please watch the clip below.


Jesus is the light that guides us. I would like you to make me candle! You can draw it, make one, paint one or do one anyway you want. Afterwards use your candle and say your own prayer to Jesus, Our Light, and ask him to help us on our journey. 


English- The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of my favourite books. I love this story. If you have it at home, you could read it together or f not watch the clip below.


See if you can remember all the different foods the caterpillar ate and draw them in your book. You could write the number next to the food of how many he ate.

              Challenge- write a list in your books of the food the caterpillar ate. 


Maths- The number 10 is a very important number. There are 11 different ways to make 10 using 2 numbers. eg. 9 and 1, 8 and 2 etc. See if you can show me different ways to make 10 with different numbers/groups of objects. You can draw them or take a photograph of them and send it to me!

              Challenge- write all 11 ways to make 10 in your blue book!

PE Fun!

Still image for this video

PE Fun

Still image for this video

medium (1).mov

Still image for this video

Sara and her sister enjoy daily yoga!

Adam and Ola enjoyed fun in the garden too!


Thursday 23rd April


PE- Thursday is PE day! Please do your PE lesson with Mr Cowling. Click on the link below and choose some of the video's for you to do this morning. Send me some videos/photographs of you doing your own PE lessons!


English- Watch the clip below. Choose your favourite minibeast and draw a picture of it.

                 Challenge- write at least one sentence about the minibeast you have drawn. Remember to use your sounds and write down the sounds you can hear!


Maths- Number 10 is a very important number. We will be looking at the number 10 for the next few days. We are going to start by counting out 10 objects. Find as many different ways of showing 10, using pictures or objects. Send me your pictures of 10!

                 Challenge- write number sentences that make 10. How many ways can you write?

Making 9

Wednesday 22nd April


English- I would like you to start each morning by watching the RWI speed sounds 1 lesson It is on at 9.30am for around 10 minutes and will remind you of the sounds we have done this year.   

 look on the youtube page for today's sound by looking underneath set 1.


             - A minibeast is an insect or creature that is very small and usually lives outside, eg. spiders, flies, butterflies etc. I would like you to go outside, on such a lovely day, either in the garden, path, driveway or on a walk and see how many different types of minibeast you can find. I would then like you to draw what you have seen in your blue book. If you see 5 ants, you could write the number 5 next to the picture.

              Challenge- write the name of the minibeast under your picture. Remember to let the children sound out the words, the spelling of them is not important, only that they use their sounds!


Maths- Today we are going to look at the number 9. I would like you to represent the number 9 in different ways, either with objects, sticks, pictures or by practising the number with paint, soil or even chalk. Lets see all the different way you can show me 9!

Wishing you and your families a Happy Easter

Easter Letter and Activities

Wednesday 8th April


Today is the last day of work before the Easter Holidays. I will give you some suggestions of things you can do during the holiday tomorrow, but it is also a time to rest, relax and spend time with your families. 


Religion- Today we are going to learn about a very sad day for Jesus- Good Friday. This was the day that Jesus died on the cross for us. Watch this short clip below about Jesus and what happened on that sad day. Don't be too upset though, because it will soon be Easter Sunday and something exciting will happen on that day. 


After You have watched it, I would like you to draw a picture of Jesus in your book and think about all the different words you could describe him. Get one of your family to write the words around his picture, or even have a go at writing them yourself!

I'll give you a few words to start- brave, kind and generous. 


Easter Activity- I have set you a fun 2do on Purple Mash! Don't forget to save them and I will have a look at your super designs!

3d Shapes

One of our parents has sent me a link to a book that explain Coronavirus in simple terms for children. I will post the link the site underneath here if you want to explain it to your children or help answer answer questions they have.


Tuesday 8th April

Religion- We are going to once again revisit the story of the Last Supper. Watch the following clip 


I would like you today to create your own Last Supper picture of Jesus and his friends. You could paint it, draw it, make it out of playdough, lego, blocks or whatever you have available in your house.

When you say your prayers today, say thank you to God for the food that we have and for His Son Jesus.



Maths- 3d shape. I would like you to invesigate what your 3 d shapes can do. I would like you to find me shapes that can roll and shapes that can stack. Can any of them roll and stack?

            Challenge- in your book draw a line down the centre. One side write Shapes that can roll and on the other Shapes that  can stack. Then draw pictures/write words of objects that go under each heading.



The Last Supper

The children have really enjoyed having their own Last Supper with their teddies. Some of them have even helped their families prepare dinner! 

Palm Sunday, 2d shapes and Rainbows!

Monday 6th April


Religion- This week is a very special week for us. It is Holy Week, the week before Easter. It started yesterday with Palm Sunday. Today we are going to listen to a story about a very special meal. Watch this clip of The Last Supper. 


I would like you to think about your favourite or a special meal you like. You could help your parents to make some food, draw a picture, make it with play dough, paint a picture or even have your own last supper with your teddies. Send me pictures of your special meals and foods and what you get up to!

              Challenge - draw and label your favourite foods.


Maths- 3d shapes. A 3d shape is built up shape. What this clip and sing the 3d shape song 


Go on a shape hunt around the house looking for 3d shapes. Mummies and daddies will help you to name shapes like cube/cylinder/cone/cuboid and sphere.

Mashcams and 2D Shapes. I love your Superheroes!!

Friday 3rd April


English- This Sunday is a very important day for the Church. It is Palm Sunday. Please watch this clip about Palm Sunday. I would like you to make your own palm leaf. You will need to draw it and then have a go a cutting it out on your own. Please put these on your doors/windows on Sunday. 


Challenge- Draw a picture and write a sentence about Palm Sunday in your book.



Maths- I would like you to use different 2d shapes around your house to make me a 2d shape picture. Be as creative as you can be with the shapes you have available in your house (you could always look on the Nursery page for ideas!). Make sure you talk about which shapes you used as well as describing them using the words sides, corners, flat and 2d. 

 Challenge- Draw around the 2d objects to create your own picture in your book. 

I made my own rainbow today! Can't wait to see yours!

Thursday 2nd April


English- So today is our last Superhero Day! We will be having a new topic from tomorrow! So I have set you a task on Purple Mash. You will find it when you logon under your "2to do's". When you have done it and you send it to me I will be able to see it. (it is called a Mashcam) It is a really fun task! I have already had a go...



Maths- Go on a 2d shape hunt around the house. See if you can name and describe different 2d shapes. Can you find circles, squares, triangles, rectangles around the house. Describe them using the words corner, side, flat, curved and 2d shape.

Making 8 and Letter Formation! Excellent work again Reception Stars!!

EXTRA OPTIONAL FUN SCIENCE ACTIVITY- I will make my own and share it with you!

Wednesday 1st April


English- Practise your phonics first this morning! Now I would like to practise writing all the letters of the alphabet today. You could be very adventurous with how you practise them (not just with paper, although that is absolutely fine!)- you could use a whiteboard and pen, sand in a tray, shaving foam on a plate, or anything else you can think of! Send me your pictures of you practising them! Don't forget the 'get ready' before you form them!


Maths- Today is the day  of the number 8! Come on you know what to do! Practise counting 8 objects out in different ways!

             Challenge- write number sentences with the total of 8.



Making 7- Wow the children have been very creative with their work today! Lots of super mathematicians!

Maths Challenge- Making 6! See how the children represented 6 in different ways.

Tuesday 31st March


English- For today's challenge I would like to you to use your Ipad, tablet, phone or computer and play on Purple Mash. Your login details and passwords are stuck  in the front of your blue books for you to login. When logged in, find the             Mini Mash Section. Spend some time having a look around and playing on the games. I will be setting you an activity to do on Purple Mash later in the week, but for today have a look at the different activities and games you can play and have some fun!


Maths- We will continue the same theme as yesterday and this time find 7 objects. Send me photographs o the different ways you can make 7. Talk together and discuss how 6 and 1 = 7, 5 and 2 = 7 etc.

              Challenge- Draw me 7 objects and try and write at least one number sentence underneath.  

Photographs from the Weekend

I hope you all had a lovely weekend with your families and all spent time together, relaxing and having fun! Welcome to a new week!




Monday  30th March

English- A superhero's job is to save animals and people. Draw a picture of your superhero and who or what they might save.

             My Superhero Super Miss helped to save a cat from a tree! 

               Challenge-  Write a sentence to go with your picture.


Maths- Can you practise getting 6 objects? You could try getting 6 coins or 6 spoons or 6 pencils or anything else in your house. Send me a picture of you with your 6 objects.

              Challenge- draw 6 objects and write the numbers 1-6 underneath each one. Make sure they are correctly formed.


Friday 27th March

English- Some Superheroes have special Super Hearing. This means they can hear lots of different sounds that other people can't. Use your Super Hearing and listen for all of the different things you can hear both inside and outside of the house.

             Challenge- draw pictures or write all the things you can hear with your super hearing!


Maths- Watch the clip on number blocks all about the number 5.


 Get 5 objects out and talk about different ways you could make 5 eg. 2 and 3, 2,2 and 1 etc.

           Challenge- draw 5 in your book in different ways and using different pictures. You could draw 5 on a  dice, 5 buttons, 3 teddies and 2 dolls. See if they can tell you the number sentences  and write it down. Eg. 3+2=5, 6-1=5


Religion- Think about all of the Superheroes working in hospitals helping to make people better. Say your own little prayer today to ask God to watch over all these real life Superheroes. Why not get your parents to send me your prayers and I will put them on the website to help others when they are saying their prayers.

Superhero Vehicles

Superhero Pictures!

Thursday 26th March


English- All Superheroes need a special Super vehicle. It could be anything! For example a helicopter, car, van, lorry, bike or even boat! you can make your vehicle out of anything you want- lego, paper, bricks, boxes! Think about what it can do as well as what it looks like. Take a picture and send it to me!

               Challenge-  Give it a name and write some sentences about your vehicle. 


Maths- 1 Less Than. Get a group of objects and practise finding 1 less (by taking away 1). Now try asking 'What is 1 less than 5?'. Work with numbers up to 20. 

                Challenge- Write a number and ask the children what is 1 less. Then try 2 less. (This is a trickier activity so the children may need to use toys/things to help them).


                _____ 9          ______3         ______12              ______17

Wednesday 25th March


English- Now is the time for you to design your own Superhero! Give your Superhero an outfit, what colour will it be? What will your name be? Will you have superpowers? I am going to do one too and Ill put a picture on for you to see. Now remember I am not very good at drawing (We are all good at different things!) so I am sure yours will be better than mine!

             Challenge- label the different parts of your Superhero. 


Maths- 1 more than. Practise adding 1 more to a number. You could use some objects (pencils/ buttons/ toys) and ask the children to put down 1 more. Now try saying '5 and 1 more is...?" Use numbers to 20 and 30 if possible.

            Challenge- write different numbers to 30 and ask the children to write the number that is 1 more. Try 2 more!

                             5 ___      9____   12____   16____ etc..    


Tuesday 24th March 


English- Have a look through your own books, magazines, on the internet and see what different Super heroes you can                             find. Talk with your family about their favourite Superheroes and what special powers they have.

          Challenge- Draw pictures of the different ones you find or write of them! Remember to sound out each word                           yourself as you write them.


Maths- Practise counting on from different numbers eg. 7,8,9,10...   9,10,11... Mum/Dad give them a number and encourage                      them to say the numbers that come after. Give them numbers up to 20.

             Challenge- Write down a number and ask the children to write the next 2 numbers. Do this a few times. You will be                    impressed at how good they are!


Monday 23rd March

English- Draw your favourite Superhero (mine is Supergirl). What colour are they? What do the look like? What superpowers do they have? What is their outfit like?

             Optional Challenge- Write a few sentences describing this Superhero. Remember to sound everything out                                  yourself and write the sounds you can hear. Don't forget your finger spaces, capital letters and full stops!


Maths- Count from 0-30 in 1's. Now count from 30 back to 0.

             Optional Challenge- Write these numbers down as you say them from 0-30 and 30-0.




We are looking forward to another exciting term in Reception Class. This term we are beginning by looking at Winter and Chinese New Year. Moving onto Traditional Stories. What an exciting start to the New Year.   


In Communication, Language and Literacy we are going to be reading many different traditional and fairy stories. We will be retelling these stories in our Puppet Theatre as well as role playing the different stories in the '3 Bears Cottage'.


In Mathematics we are going to be counting forwards and backwards from different numbers to 20, investigating the number 10 as well as adding and subtracting numbers. 


In Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design  we are going to explore the Season of Winter, thinking about the changes we see in our world and using these in our Art Work. We will also learn about Chinese New Year and compare this to our own celebrations. 


In Religion we are going to look at The Church; looking at the features of the Church as well as a visit to St Marie's Church to look forward to.


Dont forget to email any photographs you want to show us to our email address below. 

Please ensure your child has their Reading Book and Key Word Book in School every day and they are reading regularly at home each night. 


PE is Thursday with Mr Cowling, please ensure their PE kit is in school.


Library and Drop In Sessions are Thursday 3pm-4pm. Please come to chat!


Miss Mallalieu and Miss Renzulli

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