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Year 3






To go further than I thought.

To run faster than I hoped.

To reach higher than I dreamed.

To become the person I need to be.

A. A. Milne


Your teachers are:


Mrs. E. Hodgson

Monday to Wednesday morning 


Miss C. Moores

Wednesday afternoon to Friday


Mr. S. Guy

Year 3 Learning Assistant


πŸ‚ Autumn Term 2020  πŸ‚


We are so excited to be returning to school and welcome you all back, for the new school year!  We are also extremely lucky in Year 3, that we get to welcome you into Key Stage 2!


We have had a great first week back finding out all about our new class and exploring our strengths and experiences and our hopes and dreams for the year ahead!


We are looking forward to some super learning experiences as we begin our Year 3 journey this term!



Here's a little glimpse for now...


Our first R.E. topic is all about FAMILIES:


Who is in your family?

Where do you and your family live?

Do we belong to any other 'families'?


Please could you all bring in a photograph of you and your family for a lovely family tree display in the classroom?


Our first History topic is THE STONE AGE:


What do you already know about this period?

Could you place it on a time line?

Can you tell us anything about how people lived in this time?


Our first Science topic is LIGHT:


What is light?

What is dark?

How do we see? 


We will be introducing these new topics this week. Have a chat at home, see what you know, and have a think about what you would love to find out!


We can't wait to explore these wonderful topics together!


Watch this space  as our learning journey begins...



Love from,

The Year 3 Teaching team!