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Visions and Values

Our Vision

St Marie’s is proud to be a Catholic school, using the teachings of Christ as our foundations.

Within the care of Our Blessed Lady, we aim to make our school a place where children can safely learn through outstanding and innovative teaching, build on their potential, fulfil their dreams, and grow in faith and love.

Our Mission

As Christ’s hand and feet on earth, we will…

  • Follow the teachings of Christ so that all may grow in faith
  • Recognise and value each child as a loved and unique child of God
  • Treat each person with respect, tolerance and honesty in an atmosphere of love and security.
  • Celebrate, nurture and strengthen  the relationship between our school family: Our school, our families, our parish and our community
  • Inspire those within our care to become successful, caring members of our diverse society and transform the lives of others.

St. Marie's Word Cloud


Our School Council have spoken with all the children from St. Marie's regarding how they view our school. Please see below our word cloud which shows the words used to describe our school. The bigger the word, the more it was used to describe St. Marie's.