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Year 1

Welcomto Year One



Important information:

Spellings - sent out Via Ed Shed every Monday. Spelling tests on Friday.

PE - Every Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Please send your child's reading folder in every day.

Please send a water bottle in with your child.

Summer Term

Our topic this term is:

Into the woods!

In Religion - We are learning about Holidays and Holydays! Different Holy days that are celebrated throughout the year - we will be looking at Pentecost and the ascension and also about our own holidays

In English - We are focusing this half term on "Where the wild things are" by Maurice Sendak and "The Lonely Beast" by Chris Judge! We are going to be doing character descriptions, narrative writing, letter/party writing - and more!


In Science - We are looking at the plants! How do plants grow? We will be conducting experiments to find out the best experiments for plants to grow in and finding out lots about different types of plants!


In Geography - We will be exploring maps of our school and local area! We will be learning all about the features of maps and also lots more about our local area.


In Computing - We are looking at reading code and being able to predict what will happen if we make certain code.




In our art lessons we have been learning about an artist called Giuseppe Arcimboldo! We learnt that he is an Italian artist who was born nearly 500 years ago! Arcimboldo is best known for making portraits using things like fruits and vegetables - so we decided to make our own fruit and vegetable portraits! Take a look at our masterpieces...


This half term we are doing gymnastics! We have been learning about the different shapes we can make with our body like a tuck and straight shape. These shapes help us with different gymnastic skills. We are really enjoying our gymnastics lessons! Here are some pictures of us 


In maths we have started looking at measurements! We learnt out about the worlds tallest living man - he is 8 foot  2! We found out that is even bigger than our classroom door! We think it would be very hard for him to come and join our lessons.


We decided to draw around each other with chalk and think of different ways to measure ourselves. We used our hands, feet and blocks!



Spring term

Our topic this term is:

Family and Forever Friends!



In Religion - We are learning about Special people - That there are special people in our lives who are there to help us and also people in Church who do special jobs to help us celebrate the Good News of Jesus.

In English - We are focusing this half term on "Traction man" by Mini Grey, "Anna Hibiscus" by Atinuke and "Out and about" by Shirley Hughes! We are going to be writing in role, doing some narrative writing, captions, poetry and more!


In Science - We are looking at the uses of everyday materials such as wood, plastic, glass, metal... we are going to look at how we could describe these and how we know what material objects are made of!


In History - We will be exploring toys from now and then. How have toys changed? What makes a toy old vs new? 


In Computing - We are looking at how to use technology safely and keep our information private. Also looking at what we should do if we are worried about anything we come acrss online.



Happy New Year!


I hope you have all had a lovely break spending lots of time with your loved ones and are ready to start the new term! This term is a bit different because we are learning from our homes again - I am so sad I won't get to see your lovely smiley faces in school but I'm so excited to see all your work!


All home learning will be on seesaw so make sure you log on there every day to see what work I have set for you! I look forward to seeing the amazing work you all do at home. Your spellings will still be on ed shed as normal for you to practice too.


Take care

Miss Scully



The Lost Words 

We have been completing a whole school project based on the book “The Lost Words” by Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris. We have been learning lots of new vocabulary to do with nature. The two words we have concentrated on are “heather” and “wren”. We have been completing work based on this.


We got very arty to make our display! Please see the pictures below of us creating our landscape.


Something strange is happening at St Marie’s... We found an alien space ship! 
After some investigation we discovered the alien ship belongs to a little creature called Beegu.

Beegu brought us her story and we have found out that she is lost on Earth and no one wants to be her friend.
We spoke about how we feel when we go to a new place, we said we would be confused, scared, frightened, lonely. We decided to make her some instructions on how to make jam sandwiches - we even left her one out to eat! Here are some pictures of the crash and also our jam sandwich making! 

When Beegu arrived at school, she was too shy to come and visit us! We thought this was because she had never been to Earth before. So we decided to write some instructions on how to make jam sandwiches! We made our own and even left some out for Beegu - they were delicious!

Science week 

As part of national science week, we decided to make some of our own alien slime! We talked about the different equipment needed to make the slime and how the cornstarch changes when we add water! This linked to our materials topic.

Autumn Term

Welcome to Year 1! We have had a brilliant first week settling back in, getting to know our new teachers and exploring our new classroom. 


We have an exciting term ahead! Here are some of the things we will be doing...


Our topic this term is:

Long, Long ago...!



In Religion - We are learning about families! Our own families, our school family and our Church family.

In English - We are focusing this half term on "Rapunzel" by Bethan Woollvin, "The Last Wolf" by Mini Grey but we will be reading many other books too! We are going to be writing lists, labels, captions and also character descriptions.


In Topic - We will be learning about how things have changed from long ago to now! Did kitchens always look the way they do now?.

We will look at the seasons across the whole year and how these change. As well as this, we will be learning about parts of our body and what these different parts can do!


If you have any questions please feel free to talk to us - we are happy to help you in any way we can! We look forward to working with you this year. 


Miss Scully, Mrs Sandiford and Mrs Rashid.





In our Art lessons we have been exploring mark making and the different types of lines we can make with our pencils! We have learnt about the primary colours and had a go at mixing these to find out what the secondary colours are! We had so much fun and you can see our colour mixing in these pictures.

We have also looked at Van Gogh. We have learnt some things about his life and his art! We had a look at one of his pieces called "Autumn Landscape" and discuessed what we liked and disliked about it - We liked the cool tones he used and the different trees and bushes but surprisingly we didn't like the fact there were no people in it!

In some of his art he dabbed the paint on to create his masterpieces, so we used our fingers to dab paint onto a tree template to create our own masterpieces - Autumn trees! We spoke about warm and cool colours and decided Autumn has a warm tone, so we used colours like red, orange and brown. 


We have started to look at the seasons in our science lessons! We went on an Autumn walk and talked about the features of Autumn. We then collected all the different leaves we could find that had fallen off the trees. There were big ones, little ones, green ones, brown ones... all sorts! We discussed how different all the leaves looked.

After we had collected these we used them for our art lesson where we made our own leaf hedgehogs! They looked amazing and will be up for display in our classroom for everyone to see.


In science we have been learning all about our senses. We did different activities to try out all our senses.

First we went outside to test our hearing and our sight! We could see things like birds, trees, grass and people. We could hear the wind, cars, other people and even a plane flying over us! 

We had some fruit for taste, a mystery box for touch and a mystery (fruity) smell in a bottle! We had a lovely time exploring and writing about our senses.


We also did a hearing experiment. We all went outside and Miss Scully had a tambourine with her. When she shook it we could hear it loud and clear, but when she went further away it got quieter! We also tried covering our ears and then we couldn't hear it at all! We found out lots about our hearing with this experiment. 

Fairy Tale Feast


To start off our "Long, Long ago" topic we had a Fairy Tale Feast! We spoke about what fairy tales were and discussed which ones we already knew. We had our feast of gingerbread men, fairy cakes, jellybeans and other fairy tale themed foods! We then listened to some of our favourite fairy tale music. We all had a great time!