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Year 6




The Adventure of Life...

is to learn!

Keep an eye on our page, to see the wonderful work we will be doing this year!

As part of Mental Health Awareness week, we have been considering what makes us feel the way we do, and have been finding strategies to cope with our feelings. We even went outside to do some work on mindfulness! 

Happy mind = Happy life 


This week, we have been taking part in a whole school project based on Antonio Vivaldi's famous piece of music - The Four Seasons. 

As part of this work, we have written poetry, completed art work inspired by Van Gogh, interpreted the music through dance and much, much more!

Science - The Human Body

As part of our Science topic, we have been investigating our lung capacity! See us in action:

In class, we have been thinking about Remembrance Day. We have written some poems about poppies. Here is one of our spectacular poems!!

 A poppy is a symbol

of someone who has died,

it sits on your chest

for people who people who have tried.


A poppy is a face clouded in worry,

A poppy is a sight of sorrow,

A poppy is for people

who hope for a better tomorrow.


A poppy is scarlet red

it dances peacefully in the fields,

for those who have passed away

without any shields.


A poppy is a broken heart

that longs to be stuck together,

A poppy is crying on my chest

and hopes this won't last forever.


A poppy is as strong as soldiers,

A poppy is a flaming fire

which helps me to remember,

the people we admire.


A poppy is memories of grief

which sticks in my heart,

A poppy listens to my heart beating

like a shooting dart.


A poppy is a sign

that is used in November,

to show our loved ones

that we remember.


On Flanders field

poppies grow,

it stays with me

wherever I go.


By Nicola



Our Science topic is:

Electricity: Full Power!

In class, we have been making series and parallel circuits...

We loved our visit from the fire service...

Year Six


Having Fun Tackling Commando Joe's Assault Course

Our Lent/Easter topic this half term is 'Giving'.

Our work will focus on:

  • How loss and death brings about change for people.
  • Knowing the Church's seasons of Lent, Holy Week and Easter.
  • Understanding that the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus led to new life.

We have been working hard with Commando Joe to develop our resilience, determination and team-working skills. Well done Year 6!

We had a wonderful visit to Chester to find out more about the Romans as part of our IPC topic 'The Great, The Bold and The Brave'.

Congratulations to Charlotte Gilchrist who won a writing competition at Siddal Moor High School in Heywood. She was visiting on an open evening and was successful out of over 75 entrants! We are very proud of you Charlotte!

Our Great Bake Off for MacMillan - we won the class bake off!

Our Leavers' Lunch

Welcome to Year 6!


Welcome to Year Six! We are delighted to share some of our adventures and achievements with you. This is our final year here at St Maries' and we are enjoying every minute! We are of course very busy in class learning lots and helping and supporting one another

​We're very much looking forward to sharing our experiences with you. surprise
Look at the News and Events section for all our photos from PGL.

Please remember your packed lunch for when we arrive at Boreatton Park tomorrow.  Also don't forget to take your travel sickness medication if you need it before you come to school. 

Look at these happy faces! SATs have finished...

Thank you parents for your contributions for our party food.



A massive well done to our wonderful, hard-working Year 6 children who have shown real determination and perseverance this week when completing their SATs. We know that every single child tried their absolute best. We are very proud of you Year 6! nosmileyindecision



Look how creative our children (and parents) are... They created new characters for World Book Day following the theme 'A Festival of Imagination'.

World Book Day

As part of World Book Day we had a poetry workshop with poet Dommy B.  Here is our class limerick...


There was a young fella from Spain

And he went to court to complain

About a small pet

Killed by a sick vet

Who tried to devour his brain.