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               Happy New Year Year Six!


I hope that you have had a lovely Christmas and spent some nice time with your family. I'm sorry that you can't all be together in your classroom again but I know that you will continue to work hard whether you are in school or are working from home. After today your work will be set on Seesaw by Mr Knott and Mrs McGrath (our new deputy head teacher) so make sure that you impress them!  For today, I have set you a few tasks to get you back into 'work mode'.



Your title is ' One Frosty Wednesday Morning'.

Your Task:  I would like you to plan, then write a description of a walk to school on a frosty Wednesday morning. This is an opportunity to use all of your writing skills, your vocabulary, different sentence types, a range of punctuation and of course great ideas. Spend some time planning what you would see, hear, how you would feel, inside and out. Your head should be buzzing with ideas. Look outside to give you some ideas! Aim for at least one side of A4 paper



Go onto TT rock stars and have a go at your times tables. It may have been a while since you practised!


Now your task: On a piece of paper write down 15 numbers between 1-1000. Around each number I want you to see if you can come up with at least 8 different ways to make that number. Use all four number operations and multi-step operations if you can. How creative can be be?



Today is the feast day of The Epiphany. Watch this video and look at the power point below (which I was going to show you in assembly today). Once you have done that, I would like to to design a quiz about the Epiphany that another class in school could do. What questions could you ask? Are you going to make your quiz multiple choice? What will it look like? Plan it first and then create the quiz in whichever way you choose to. Decorate it! I will use these quizzes next year if I can!


Copy and paste this link into google:


Have a great day and remember Seesaw tomorrow!


Mr McRae


We have also been working on some Vincent Van Gogh inspired artwork based on Harvest. 

See some examples of our lovely work below: 


Even though Harvest Time has been a little different this year, we have worked hard (whilst having lots of fun) to prepare some work for you to enjoy!


We have created movie trailers for being...


Have a look at our winning trailer below. We hope you enjoy it!


This Harvest, also try to be 'Harvest Heroes' by giving thanks to God, praying and giving to charity in any way you can.

Harvest Hero Trailer.MOV

Still image for this video