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Welcome to Nursery!


Miss Joyce & Mrs Ellor

"The more that you read the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you will go" Dr. Seuss


What to expect in Nursery


Nursery Rhyme Books - Rhyme is an important part to your child's development. Every Monday your child will bring home their Nursery Rhyme Book with a new rhyme inside for them to learn. We ask that you help your child to learn these each week by listening to the attached clip uploaded each week, letting them have lots of practice and even decorating each page with them.


Good News Book - We want to know what your child has been getting up to outside of school and give them the opportunity to talk about this with the rest of their friends in their class. Pictures from a family day out, what they have got up to at the weekend or after school, do they attend an out of school club? The possibilities are endless!


We will update our page regularly with information and photographs so you can see what the children are learning and how much fun we are having in Nursery!


We are looking forward to working with you and your child this year!

Week Beginning 25th June 2018

This week the children will be learning the Nursery Rhyme:
A Sailor went to Sea
Why don't you scroll down to listen to the Nursery Rhyme



Your child has a copy of the rhyme inside their rhyme book for you to practise together. Remember to decorate the page with them before Friday when they should be returned to school so we can give your child a new rhyme on the Monday.


Have Fun!



This Week's Talking Challenge

w/b 21st May


Welcome to your new school year. We hope you start to enjoy coming to school to learn about new and exciting things.

Each week there will be a talking challenge for your to talk to your child about at home. 



What would you want to take with you if you were stranded on a dessert island?


Remember to encourage your child to talk in full sentences. You might need to prompt your child with ideas to help them to think. If your child is struggling, tell them what your answer would be.

Summer 2


Welcome back to your final seven weeks in Nursery! As the year draws to a close we are going to be very busy taking part in lots of different activities and experiences.

Our topic this half term is all about animals. Animals small, animals large, animals of every shape and size.

Under the sea, in the jungle on the farm and in your homes. 

Bird Feeders

Summer 1


Welcome back after what we hope was a lovely Easter break. Our topic this half term is plants and flowers. This gives us the opportunity to explore God’s wonderful world and hopefully see the flowers that we have planted, bloom. Fingers crossed for good weather!

International Outdoor Classroom Day

Fun in the sun

Spring 2


Welcome back, we hope you had a lovely half term break!


this term we are going to be exploring patterns! Patterns are everywhere around us that we look.

The days of the week, the clothes that we wear and the animals that we see. Even the planets in our Solar System have petterns.


We will also be looking at the changes of the seasons as we welcome in Spring, and preparing ourselves for Easter celebrations!

Waste Week 2018

We have had lots of fun learning about patterns in outer space this term!

Bread Painting

In Nursery we welcomed in the Season of Spring by going on a spring walk around the school grounds.

We took lots of pictures and worked together as a team to find all of the items on our checklist!

A letter from NASA!

Mother’s Day

Snow Day

Spring 1


Happy New Year! We hope you had a lovely holiday, we can’t wait to welcome you all back into the classroom.

This half term, our topic will be all about food. We will have lots of fun learning about foods from all over the world, where they come from and how they are grown or made. We will also be tasting foods that we may have never tried before. 

What a lovely way to end the half term, celebrating Chinese New Year!

Handa’s Surprise

Shrove Tuesday... we even had a special visitor

Supertato to the rescue...

The Four Seasons - Vivaldi


As part of our whole school project, we have been learning about Antoni Vivaldi and one of his most famous pieces of music that he composed - The Four Seasons.

In Nursery, we have been listening closely to his composition of Winter. Take a look at some of our work below...

Making music

Free art

Mrs Bevin was kind enough to come and play a piece from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons! She even let us have a go ourselves...

Autumn 2


Welcome back

We hope you had a lovely half term holiday!


Our topic this half term is Let's Pretend. During this half term we will be encouraging your child to use their imagination and to get creative.

There will of course be lots of dressing up!


We can't wait to see what this half term brings...

EYFS Nativity

Thursday 14th December and Friday 15th December Nursery and Reception put on a performance for all Mummy’s and Daddy’s to watch. 

We had lots of fun learning our lines, singing the songs and dressing up as characters to help tell the true story of Christmas! 


Here are some pictures of the performanc below....


Freeing the Arctic Animals

Special Delivery

On Friday Morning, a parcel was left in the school office for Nursery. When we opened it the box revealed a letter from Father Christmas along with two Santa Cameras and an Elf.


When the magical elf arrived, he had no name. We took a vote and the winning name was Buddy! We hope you enjoy seeing what he gets up to each night after we all leave Nursery...

Adventures of Buddy the Elf

Visit from the North Pole

Still image for this video
We came in Nursery this morning to find snowy footprints on the floor. Follow the trail and see where they lead....
Who could have left them?

Christmas Craft Day

We had lots of fun this morning during our parent craft morning. Welcoming in the Christmas spirit together. Look at the pictures below to see all the fun that we captured on camera!

Autumn 1


Our topic for this half term is called: Friends and Family

The children will be learning about themselves, their new friends and all the exciting things they can do at school.

In this topic we will be encouraging the children to talk about their families - it would be helpful if you could talk about this with your child and send in a picture so we can show the rest of the class and do some paintings for our art gallery.





Investigating Minibeasts

September is the month of creation!


To celebrate this, Nursery and Reception created a bug hotel using natural resources that they collected at home.

Look at all the hard work they did to help create this masterpiece!

Celebrating Diwali


This week in Nursery, we have been learning all about the Hindu festival of Diwali and how they celebrate it. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita, decorated Rangoli Patterns and even made our very own Diva Lamps.

Diva Lamps

The children take part in a PE session each Friday with Mr Cowling. They learn key skills such as:

  • Moving in different ways.
  • Ball skills
  • Hand eye co-ordination 
  • Team games 

We also have lots fun in our key worker groups. 

Playclub bags

Purple Mash

All children now have their own purple mash log in that is stuck to the inside of the cover of their nursery rhyme book. You can now log into the purple mash site with your child, there are lots of interesting games and activities to do on the tablet / Ipad / computer.