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Year 4

The Kingfisher Poem

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We used some talking for writing skills to memorise and create our kingfisher poem!

Welcome back (again)!


It has been lovely having the class all back together again in school, where we belong. I hope you have all enjoyed your time and have managed to get back in to a consistent routine. It has been lovely having you all in school. 


Here are some reminders of the expectations when in Year 4. 


- Come in to class with your reading book and reading record signed.

- If you need a book review, remember that you only have 1 day to complete this.

- Make sure that your handwriting is beautifully presented and joined up at all times.

- Be kind to one another and think about how you will be Jesus' hands and feet.


After the Easter half term we have lots of exciting and wonderful topics that we will be learning about. The sun will be shining and we will hopefully be able to do a lot more outdoor learning!


Our big question will be 'Who were the Egyptians?'


English - we will be looking at The Egyptian Cinderella, The great Hippo and Hot like Fire.

These books range from being poetry inspired to historical fact finding and as you have probably guessed, we will be discussing and learning a lot about the Egyptians this half term!


Maths - we will be continuing our topic on decimals so it is important that we practice this over half term.


Music - we will be learning how to play the recorder!


History - we will be looking at the life of an Egyptian and finding out interesting facts about them.


Science - we will be learning all about electricity this half term and understanding what a circuit is and learning new scientific vocabulary.


PE - we will be practicing our athletics skills


PSHE - we will be having time throughout the way to reflect, discuss and listen to our own thoughts and feelings and sharing those with others in order to help our wellbeing.



Please make sure that you come to school with your PE kit and everything you need ready for the day!





I will be calling all parents next week to check in on how things are going and how your child is doing. 


Thank you 


Miss Marshall 



Hello everyone, I hope you have had a wonderful winter break! I hope you  have enjoyed spending time with your family, relaxing and I'm sure some of you have been eating lots of chocolate and yummy treats! This isn't the 2021 start we wanted and I can't wait to see you all again soon, I miss you all so much but don't worry as I have lots of fun activities planned for whilst we are all staying safe and staying at home! Please do log on to seesaw to see your daily tasks. I will be putting messages on there and videos, you can chat to me and ask me questions. 


Speak to you all soon.


Miss Marshall 



Are you ready for an exciting year?

Class Teacher - Miss Marshall


Important information to note down:


PE: Tuesday morning (dance) and Tuesday afternoon (sports coach). Make sure you've had a good breakfast on Tuesday so you have a lot of energy!!


Spellings and Homework: Both will be handed out on a Friday. Spelling tests are the following Friday and homework is also expected in on the following Friday. Homework will commence from 18th September. This will be a mixture of online and in-hand homework. 


PE Kits: Please label your child's uniform and PE kits so that nothing accidentally goes home with the wrong child! We will be outside a lot more due to the current situation and therefore it is advised that your child has a pair of jogging bottoms. PE pumps will be required on a Wednesday as we will be in the hall. 


Times Tables:  Children in Year 4 will sit the Government multiplication test. At the back of your child's reading record is a multiplication grid. Please practice multiplications with your child as much as possible. This can also be done using Times Table Rockstars which they have their login details in their reading records too.


Please make sure that your child brings in their reading record and book to school every day as I check daily who is reading at home. 



What are we learning this half term?


Maths -  multiplication and division, length and perimeter. 

English - We are studying 'Charlotte's Web' this half term!

Topic - Geography is our focus this half term and we will be looking at British farming and how we get from farm to fork.

Computing - coding with Technola (an outside company that come and teach us on a Friday)

Science - Animals including humans, where we will be looking at the digestive system, teeth and diets.

RE - Advent

PE -  Dance

If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me as I have an open door policy and would be happy to help you in any way I can! Please do keep checking our website for the latest updates, pictures and exciting learning that we have planned this year!


Miss Marshall laugh


Our English topic will be based on the book Charlotte's Web, therefore I would like the class to get as creative as they can and make a spider's web. This could be from sticks and string, or you can use playdough etc. I would love to put some of them on display if possible! Children also have TT rockstar times tables to practice and Math's homework in their homework folders. Please ensure that your child is reading and practicing their spellings. If they have finished their reading book, please note in their reading record what other materials they have been reading during the holidays. 

Thank you for your participation, enjoy the half term!


Miss Marshall 


My Group -
















Miss Hopkinson's group 

















Hello everyone, it feels like it's been a long time since I last saw you all. I hope you have all been fantastic whilst I have been off school. I can't wait to see you all again and get back to all the wonderful learning we have in store. However, for now we're going remote! (That means learning from home). 


I will be uploading work for you all to be doing, just like we do in school and I want you to be trying your very best! I will be checking when we all get back on the 28th September, just how hard you have worked!



Just like when we come in to class, you will have morning work to do. Today I would like you to write out the 6 times tables in full - for example '1 x 6 = 6, 2 x 6 = 12 etc'. See how many times you can write them out in full within 5 minutes. Then try and do it backwards, starting with 12 x 6 =. How many rows of the 6 times tables can you complete?



Counting in 1000s

Click on the link to watch the video about how to count in 1000's.

Once you have done this, open up the powerpoint and work your way through the questions. Make sure you take your time with the powerpoint, you have the whole of the maths lesson! 

Once you have worked on the powerpoint, open up the questions.


Incredibles - Complete work with a 'D' in the corner.

Minions and Kung Fu pandas - Complete 'E' work and have a go at 'GD' to challenge yourself.

Boss Babies - GD work. 




Today I would like you to have a go at prepositions. Don't worry if you don't know what they are, i'm sure after the video you will! Prepositions can tell you the position of something. For example - The ball is UNDER the table. Under is telling you where the ball is, therefore it is a preposition.

I have set you some work on Purple mash all about prepositions. Make sure you log in and complete this. I have also left you a worksheet to do which is under the documents attached. You can write the answers on a piece of paper. 


As a challenge - can you write 5 of your own sentences using 5 different prepositions?



Use an iPad or laptop to try and research where vikings live? What are their houses like? Find 6 different facts about viking homes and then write a short paragraph about how they are different to our homes today. What is different? How are our homes different? What is similar?



Draw a picture of the human digestive system and label all the different parts. What does each part mean? Write what each part of the human digestive system does in full sentences. We started this in class, however I want to see just how much you remember. Who can remember what the scientific word for throat is?



If you need to ask me anything, please do email me on Purple Mash!


Have a lovely day everyone!


Miss Marshall laugh

Friday 18th September

Good morning everyone! Today is Friday, we usually have so much fun on a Friday and even though it's not prize day and we're not together, I hope you enjoy today's activities. Thank you for all your kind messages yesterday and for showing me what you have completed. 



4 minute timer again. How many times you can you write your 7 times tables? It has to be written in full. Example - 1 x 7 = 7 

If you get to 12 x 7 then start back again at 1 x 7 and see how many rows you can complete in 4 minutes. Then set another 4 minute timer and try it backwards, starting at 12 x 7 =.



The work I had planned today isn't working on my laptop and therefore I need your help! Today I would like you to compare 4 digit numbers. I will upload a worksheet but the powerpoint and video I had planned won't upload to the school website. If an adult can help you with this then that would be fantastic! A 4 digit number is made up of thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. If you are struggling, don't panic, we haven't been able to do this in school yet. If you need my help, I will try my best!

These videos may help you understand place value.


Incredibles - please have a go at ordering 4 digit numbers, open the worksheet and write the answers in the correct order.

Minions and KFP - Work your way through the worksheet provided

Boss Babies - have a go at the worksheet provided 



I will put a picture of Professor Brownstone's vault on here and I would like you to have a go at writing a letter. Why should Professor Brownstone choose you?

In order to gain access, potential visitors must write to the professor explaining why they deserve the opportunity to visit, what they hope to see and what they hope to find out. The applicants who win the place will have proven themselves to have keen, enquiring and curious minds – what might we need to include in our letters to show that we are deserving of a visit to the vault?


What am I looking for in your letter?


Expanded noun phrases - 'amazing, mysterious vault'

Dear Professor Brownstone


Conjunctions - because, and, so, but

Adverbs - Firstly, secondly, (try and start your sentences with some great adverbs)

A page of writing


Incredibles - please complete the 'Python' comprehension and questions.

Minions and Kung Fu Pandas - please complete 'opening night' comprehension and answer the questions in full sentences in detail using capital letters and full stops.

Boss Babies - please complete 'opening night' and 'a busy morning'. Again, I want to see full sentences in detail showing how you have understood the question. 




Get an adult to test you on your spellings, 5 words at random will be in a sentence and you must write the full sentence and then your parents will give you the other 5 words to just write normally. Your spellings are in your reading record. 


Over the weekend -

Please read your books and make sure you are discussing what you like and dislike about the book with an adult. Can they test you on the book? Who is the main character? What happened at the end? Make sure you are understanding your reading book! This is usually a 5-10 minute activity.


Please log on to hit the button and try 'mixed times tables'. Eventually you'll all be getting over 20 correct in the given time, that's the goal :D 


Parents, please write in your child's reading record how they have been getting on with their reading. Did you have any 'book talk' (this is just chatting and answering questions about the book and your child is able to explain the book to you). 



Hit the button -

Have a great weekend everyone, please stay indoors and stay safe. I am missing you all :( 


I won't be answering emails over the weekend but I will get back to you on Monday!

Miss Marshall laugh


Monday 21st September

Good morning everyone, I hope you have all had a nice weekend and are staying safe! 


Morning work 

Please complete the times tables worksheet in the documents that I have attached for you. 



Today we will be having a go at ascending and descending numbers in order. You have 10 questions that are ascending and 10 questions that are descending. Click on the link that shows you what this means. Click on the document that is labelled with your tables work.


Today we will be focusing on our writing skills so that we all have a better understanding of writing sentences. Please open the powerpoint that tells you about different types of sentences. Then complete the worksheet for your table. 

Incredibles - complete worksheet with 1 star in the corner

Minions  - complete worksheet with 2 star in the corner

KFP and Boss Babies - complete worksheet with 3 star in the corner


We have started looking at the family of Jesus. Today I would like you to find out who Jesus ancestors were. Can you name at least 6? Can you find any information about these people? Write a sentence or two about each one of Jesus' ancestors. Matthew's Gospel may be able to help you. 


Once you have completed this, can you tell me why it is important that we learn about Jesus' ancestors? 



Reading to learn

Please complete the comprehension and write your answers in FULL sentences, using capital letters and full stops correctly. 
Incredibles you have a separate comprehension  - please read through it all and complete sections A,B and C. 

Everyone else please read the Viking comprehension and write your answers in FULL sentences. 


International day of peace


Today is the international day of peace! Have a listen to this catchy song about the importance of peace. The 2020 theme for the International Day of Peace is “Shaping Peace Together.” Celebrate the day by spreading compassion, kindness and hope in the face of the pandemic. Click on the link to find more information about it! 

Today I would like you to write a sentence or two about what peace means to you. Then I would like you to create a peace symbol in the most creative way you can! You can draw, design, make, bake, build a peace symbol! Have a look online for some creative ideas. 

Please do send me photos of your peace symbols on purple mash, I can't wait to see what creative ways you can create the peace symbol.

Have a lovely day, if you need me please do email!
Miss Marshall smiley


Good morning everyone, I hope you are all ok! Thank you for those who emailed yesterday, it was nice to speak to you. 


Morning work

Please complete the document of your morning work in your books and write out the calculation. Then spend 10 minutes on hit the button, remember to have a go at a times table you don't really like or mixed and see if you can aim for above 15 then go for above 20!


Today we are going to be rounding to the nearest 1000. You have all had a go at rounding to 10 and to 100 and now it's time to have a go at rounding to 1000. Please open up your tables worksheet and try your very best. Incredibles, you will be continuing rounding to 100 so that we have a full understanding. 



Watch the video called 'adventures are the pits' and use this as your title in your book. Once you have watched the video, I would like you to write 2 paragraphs of a narrative (story) in first person, pretending that you were going down the slide.

What would be your worst nightmare in the pit? How do you escape? How are you feeling? What would you do when you realised you were there?

Try to include a range of sentences . ? ! 

Try to include your feelings and please remember capital letters and full stops. You can then draw a small picture of yourself inside your pit at the bottom. I look forward to reading your spooky, scary pit stories and finding out how creative you are with getting out of there!



I absolutely love PE and this is going to be Miss Marshall's super challenge! Are you ready? I will be joining in with you too.

Get a timer ready...

50 sit ups 

40 squats

30 jumping jacks

20 press ups

10 chest to floor burpees (google this one if you're unsure)


When you've done that, repeat the cycle again and record your time! I wonder if you beat me....



Sorry I forgot to give you your spellings yesterday (oops). 

Miss Marshall's group


1. accident

2. actually

3. although

4. centre

5. notice

6. mention 

7. difficult

8. complete

9. breath

10. describe 

11. knowledge

12. thought


Miss Hopkinson's group


1. move

2. plant

3. improve

4. because

5. every

6. could

7. behind

8. where

9. many

10. again

11. should

12. poor


Please learn all 12 spellings, then on Friday get an adult to test you on just 10! They can choose which 2 are left out. You must write 5 of them in sentences and 5 of them on their own. Please can an adult give you the sentences with the word in. Well done everyone and good luck!


Children that are new to our class, please have a go at my spelling group list. If you did Miss Hopkinson's spellings in year 3 then that is the group you are in if you haven't been in our class yet. 


If you need me, please email! 


Miss Marshall laugh



Wednesday 23rd September

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all well and are having fun at home. I'm missing you all so much. I have enjoyed seeing what you have been up to at home, please do email me and let me know how you are. :)


Morning work 

Open up the document for morning work. Can you complete the times tables in under 5 minutes? If not, time yourself and see how long it takes, then re do them to see if you beat your time!



Counting in 25's. Have a practice at counting in 25's. The pattern is 25, 50, 75, 100. If you remember those 4 numbers, you can't go wrong! Then it will be 125, 150, 175, 200 etc.

Open up the powerpoint and read through it carefully and answer the questions along the way.


There are a few worksheets to complete. Complete worksheets 1 and then worksheets 2.

Look in the corner at what letter is in the star and that is the work you will be completing.


Incredibles - D

Minions - D but have a go at E if finished and feeling confident

KFP - E but challenge yourself to GD if confident 

Boss Babies - GD



Partly Cloudy

Watch the video in the link.

Today you will be writing a letter from Peck to Gus, asking him to change what he is creating. Pretend that you are Peck. Why don't you like what Gus is creating? How is it making you feel? What are your reasons for him changing his creations? Your letter should persuade Gus to change his creations. Remember that you're not telling Gus off, you are simply telling him why it would be a good idea to change his creations. What could he change it to and why?


Example starter


Dear Gus,


We have been friends for such a long time now and I look forward to seeing you every day. However, I am exhausted and tired from all the long, heavy flights. I feel scared and nervous when I visit you because I just know that I'm not going to have an easy journey. Perhaps you could try to change how you create your animals? 



Go noodle mega mix

Some of you may have heard of go-noodle, I will introduce you to it properly when we are back. This is a video with lots of different movements and activities for you to complete

Watch the video and join in!

Once you have finished, see how long it takes you to try this little circuit. 


50 squats

10 sit ups


50 jumping jacks

10 burpees


50 mountain climbers (google this one if you need)

10 press ups



Today we will be continuing with our topic of animals including humans. We will be moving on to food chains.


Watch these videos about food chains first to develop your understanding.

Then open up the worksheet. I would like you to write the whole text in your book with the missing words included. Do not just fill in the missing words. Copy it all up in to your book. Remember best handwriting and capital letters and full stops. No words should be spelt incorrectly. 

Have a lovely day everyone!!


Miss Marshall

Thursday 24th September

Good morning everyone, I hope you’ve had a great week so far.


Morning Work

Please have a go at the times tables but I would like you to write them out in your books in full, not just on the sheet answers. Time yourself, how long does it take you? Can you beat your time?



Negative numbers


Please open up the powerpoint and work carefully through it and answer the questions on there. Open up maths worksheet 1 and complete the correct work for your maths table. Then do the same for worksheet 2.


Incredibles - work with a D in the star

Minions - work with a E in the star

KFP - work with a E in the star and challenge yourself to GD

Boss Babies - GD



Open up the image and have a look at the dragon. I would like you to write 2 paragraphs using your imagination to tell me all about your dragon.

    • Where is it from?

  • Why is it so small?
  • Are there more like him?
  • Where does he live?
  • How will you look after it?
  • Will you keep it a secret or tell someone?
  • What is it called?
  • Is it magic?  What magic can it do?


Example to start off your writing.


My dragon is called flames, I found him when I was on the beach and I found a small, odd-looking egg. It crackled and became very hot to touch, when all of a sudden a beak poked through the thin, sharp shell. My dragon loves to swim rapidly in freezing icy waters.



Title - Food chains

Well done yesterday with your food chain work. Today I would like you to write in your books a sentence for what each of these things are.






secondary consumer


Then I would like you to draw a food chain of your choice and write underneath each picture what they are and where they come in the food chain. Have a look at the example I have left you.



Carrying on with our viking theme, we have had a look at the homes that they live in but today I would like you to tell me what type of food they ate. Your challenge is to make a viking meal!


This doesn’t have to be done today as I understand you may need an adult to go to the shop. However, I would like you to create viking food! Please try your best to send me pictures of your viking food as I would like to put them on display in our classroom next week!


Before you create your amazing viking foods, please write a few sentences telling me what you have found out about vikings and what they would eat?

This website may help you.


You can create a brand new viking meal, along as you use ingredients that a viking would be able to find!



Please keep reading your reading books and making sure it is signed in your reading record! Please keep trying your best with your spellings and make sure you are spending around 10 minutes on hit the button to try and get a score of 20 on mix (that’s the goal eventually).


Miss Marshall :)


Friday 25th September

Good morning everyone, it's Friday which means it's our final day of isolation! Who's excited? Who can't wait to be back together on Monday? (ME). I have missed you all so much and I can't wait to be back properly. Here is the last of your home learning work - make me proud and try your very best!


Morning work

Please open up the morning work document and write them out in full, don't just write the answers on the sheet today. Time yourself, then have another go. Did you beat your time? I'm going to join in on this one and do it too. How long did it take you?




We have done some partitioning at home however this will really help you for Monday's lesson and therefore it is so important that you have a good understanding of partitioning. Please recap and watch the powerpoint, work your way through it. After you have done that everybody will work through the worksheets provided. If you need some help that is ok! You should all be able to have a good go at this. If you're struggling do let me know as we will be using partitioning to help us with our work on Monday.



Next week in English, we are going to have a go at writing a newspaper article. Therefore, today I would like you to write down as many different words you can think of in a mind map that are better than 'said'.


Incredibles - can you think of 8 different words for said? Have a go at headline worksheet 1 and only the first page of headline worksheet 2.

Minions - can you think of 10 different words for said? Have a go at headline worksheet 1 and the first 2 pages of headline worksheet 2.

KFP - can you think of 15 different words for said? Have a go at headline worksheet 1 and the first 3 pages of headline worksheet 2.

Boss Babies - how many different words can you think of that are better than said? Can you find any sophisticated words? Have a go at headline worksheet 1 and 4 pages of headline worksheet 2.



Direct speech

Open up the powerpoint and have a go at the worksheet provided but copy this into your book. As a challenge can you write 5 sentences that include direct speech?

Remember I am looking for the correct speech marks. " "

Example - The boy walked to the shop, "hello how are you?" asked the boy.


Spellings that you will be tested on NEXT FRIDAY

Miss Marshall's group














Miss Hopkinson's group














Everyone has 12 spellings, I will only be testing you on a random selection of 10 next Friday. Make sure you learn them all so that you feel confident for the spelling test next week.


Final note

I just want to say a massive well done to every single one of you for working so hard during this difficult time. I am now back to full health and so thankful for all the messages I have received. I would like to say a huge thank you to every single adult that has helped during this home learning process, I can imagine it hasn't been easy with your other commitments but I just want you to know that I am grateful!


Homework -

Coming back to school on Monday might be a little nerve-wrecking for some of you as you may have gotten used to the home learning routine and that's ok! Your homework is to watch a film, eat some ice-cream or something yummy and enjoy the weekend stress free. 


I'll be at our classroom door with a big smile on my face on Monday, ready to see you all :)


Take care


Miss Marshall laugh