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Welcome to Nursery!

Miss Scott and Mrs Ellor


“The more that you read the more you will know. The more that you know, the more places you will go.” Dr. Seuss

Nursery 2018-2019

What to expect in Nursery


Nursery Rhyme Books - Rhyme is an important part to your child's development. Every Monday your child will bring home their Nursery Rhyme Book with a new rhyme inside for them to learn. We ask that you help your child to learn these each week by listening to the attached clip uploaded each week, letting them have lots of practice and even decorating each page with them.


Good News Book - We want to know what your child has been getting up to outside of school and give them the opportunity to talk about this with the rest of their friends in their class. Pictures from a family day out, what they have got up to at the weekend or after school, do they attend an out of school club? The possibilities are endless!


We will update our page regularly with information and photographs so you can see what the children are learning and how much fun we are having in Nursery!


We are looking forward to working with you and your child this year!


Week Beginning 1st July 2019


This week the children will be learning the Nursery Rhyme:


Row, row, row your boat


Why don't you scroll down to listen to the Nursery Rhyme



Your child has a copy of the rhyme inside their rhyme book for you to practise together. Remember to decorate the page with them before Friday when they should be returned to school so we can give your child a new rhyme on the Monday.


Have Fun!

Summer 1


Welcome back after a lovely Easter break. We hope you had lots of fun during your time off. This half term we will be exploring treasure! Climb aboard the pirate ships and set sail across the seven seas as we hunt for treasure.

EYFS Class Mass


Spring 2


During this half term we are going to be exploring changes. This could be anything from changes in the weather and seasons to changes in ourselves as we grow older. We’ll explore the changes in states of materials and the day to day changes which occur everyday.


We are also going to have fun as we approach Lent, the time in which we prepare ourselves for Easter.


Shrove Tuesday!

Spring 1

Sand and Water

Water is all around us. In rivers, in the weather and in the oceans. This half term we will be exploring all of these including what goes on under the sea and at the seaside.

Can you free the animals from the ice?

Exploring number in the outdoor area

Look at what we have been exploring in Nursery this week...

Kung Hei Fat Chow!

Autumn 2



Welcome back, we hope you had a lovely holiday over half term. Our new theme this term is all about toys. We will be exploring real bears and teddy bears, toys from the past and present and we will even have a go at designing and making our own toy.


This half term will also be spent preparing for Christmas. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year and we look forward to preparing ourselves for this time. We have lots of songs to practice for our Christmas Nativity and a Christmas craft morning with your child and yourselves.


Thursday 13th and Friday 14th December

Come along and watch our EYFS Christmas production of ‘A Wriggly Nativity!’

We hope you enjoy it just as much as we do performing it!




We had a wonderful time in Nursery this morning during our Christmas craft session!

Alfie the Elf’s Adventures...

Mr Squirrel came to take our counting conkers!

Look what we have been exploring in Nursery this week...

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Art Week 

Jackson Pollock

As a school we are dedicating this week to an artist of our choosing. Nursery and reception have chosen to explore Jackson Pollock, an expressionist painter from America. Have a look at some of the art work we have been getting up to in Nursery...

Express yourself

Diwali... The Festival of Lights

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt...

Autumn 1

All About Me

During our topic this half term we have been exploring all about ourselves. We have loved getting to know your child and the things that they get up to when they're not in Nursery.

Some of the things we have explored over this half term have been our likes and dislikes, our body and our senses and the people who help us. 

We have also explored the changing of a season as Summer is now over and Autumn is now upon us. 

We hope that you enjoy seeing and hearing what your child gets up to whilst they are in Nursery.

Autumn has arrived...

French Day!

We loved tasting the French Croissants!

The children take part in a PE session each Friday with Mr Cowling. They learn key skills such as:

  • Moving in different ways.
  • Ball skills
  • Hand eye co-ordination 
  • Team games 

We also have lots fun in our key worker groups.