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Year 2

Our Blackpool Zoo Trip!

Year 2 shop open for business. We were finding change for items bought in the Year 2 shop.

Empty Classroom Day! We all went outside to sketch animal habitats.

Easter Egg Hunt!

PSHE week - how to wash our hands properly

Road Safety

Vivaldi Week!

Flat Stanley role play.

More measuring fun!

Measuring Challenge - finding things in our playground that were the nearest to 100 centimetres.

Our exciting trip to Tesco!

Keeping Healthy - Multi Skills

Keeping healthy - cleaning our teeth!

Today we have been counting to 100.

Welcome to Year 2!

2017 - 2018


In Year 2, we love to learn and always reach for the stars.

Here are some of the exciting things we have been getting up to this year...




Spring Term

During the next half term, our IPC topic will be 'The Circus Comes to Town!'

Have a think at home, what you know about the Circus. Watch out on our page for the exciting activities we get up to in this unit!


In RE this half term, our topic is 'Opportunities', linked with Lent and Easter. We have been thinking of what opportunities we have each day to do something good for someone else. 


This year, we are looking at the books of Roald Dahl. We have already done LOTS of work on The Enormous Crocodile, George's Marvellous Medicine and Fantastic Mr Fox in class. Our new book we are looking at is JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH!



Position and Direction

In our maths lessons, we have been working on position and direction using the B-Bots. 


In science, we have been investigating the different types of materials, and which would protect the eggs the best. Here we are in action...


Take a look at our dance skills...

Our Lenten Promises

We are currently on our journey through Lent. We have all made special promises for Lent, and put them onto our Lenten Promise Tree. 

Story Character Day

Dream Catchers

As part of our IPC topic 'The Stories People Tell', we have been been reading lots of myths and legends. We have read the story of the first dream catcher.

Here we are in action, making our own wonderful dream catchers...

IPC - Let's Celebrate!

We have been looking at different celebrations in our IPC topic. 

This week we have looked at the Hindu celebration of Diwali!

Here are our wonderful Diwali lanterns...

Science Investigation!

We have been investigating what happens to our bodies when we exercise.

We had to check our resting pulse, then exercise and see what had happened.

Here are some pictures of us carrying out our experiment...

Scoot-Fit Fun!

We had a special visit from Scoot-Fit this week. We had so much fun showing our skills on the scooters...

Design and Technology Week

In our IPC, our topic is 'Our World'. This week we have been looking at different landmarks from around the world. We have created some of these structures in class...

Pentecost Freeze-frames


Animal Music!

We used musical instruments to try to create the different sounds of animal movements. 

We listened to 'Carnival of the Animals' for our inspiration!

IPC Sketching

As part of our IPC topic 'I'm Alive', we went outside to sketch the living things in our outdoor area.

We used special sketching pencils to do this!

Our wonderful maths skills!

We have been using the Bee-Bots to work on our position and direction skills:


We worked practically on our fractions today:




IPC and Science fun!

As part of our IPC and Science topics, we have been looking at living things and their habitats. 

We went on a walk around our school to see what living things we could find...

Science Fair!

Some of our class were chosen to represent the school at St. Joseph and St. Bede's for the Primary Science Fair. 

We had a great day sharing our science work on materials and watching scientists do fun experiments!